By growing awareness; we create heaven on earth

How do you grow awareness? How does a plant? What is awareness, do you know? Here’s my favorite example of how humans grow awareness. Picture this: A spider crawling on the ceiling above you and each of the things around you — colors, music, thoughts, etc. — is a very tiny sliver of awareness. It doesn’t need more than the place where it is and what’s in front of it in the moment. Plants are in that room. How large an awareness has a plant? Perhaps it extends to sunlight in the room, or voices. A dog or cat can be aware of so much more — even the mood of the person reading in a chair and listening to music.

See how, as evolution expands in form, so does the ability to grow in awareness within form. Energy in the room is perceived at different levels of the ability and interest of “tuning in.” And so it is with humanity, always. Some are waking up and some aren’t ready or interested in using inner senses, expanding awareness. We have the mental system for doing this. From the dust and water of the earth, natural forces have conjured a mental system capable of asking why it exists, writes Nigel Colder.

Every one of us is able to stretch our awareness into what else is going on around us; not with the intellect or searching in the material world, but by sensing beyond the physical. You know, like paying attention to intuition, inner guidance, becoming quiet in the moment, noticing and connecting with people without listening to words, or telling stories. Be still and know that I Am God (Psalm 46:10). We all can access the divine in everyone and everything. We are creating heaven on earth by growing in awareness.

Eleanor Richard



Removing standards from building codes makes no sense

The Idaho Legislature needs to stop trying to remove energy standards from Idaho building codes.

Idaho’s building codes include energy standards that mandate a basic level of energy efficiency. Along with protecting our clean air, energy standards make owning a home more affordable for Idaho families.

Following these basic energy standards pays for itself in about two years. It’s a simple, easy and obvious part of the codes that all stakeholders agreed to when the codes were established. They were negotiated, thoroughly vetted and agreed to by the associations that represent Idaho’s counties, cities, engineers, home builders, remodelers, building officials, general contractors and architects, as well as the Division of Building Safety.

So I was bewildered when I saw that some of our legislators want to throw out all of Idaho’s energy standards. There are plenty of challenges for legislators to tackle to help everyday Idahoans, and they are spending time trying to raise the costs of owning a home? Who is even asking for energy standards to be removed? It’s a “solution” searching for a problem.

Building codes are complex (and frankly a bit boring), and the rules review process is confusing, so maybe legislators thought Idahoans wouldn’t notice this quiet meddling. Idahoans are watching though, because building codes matter for Idaho families. Maintaining our codes makes homes more affordable and improves air quality.

If anything, our legislators should be improving the standards. They should make our homes safer, more energy efficient and less expensive. If they won’t do that though, they could at least leave energy standards alone.

If you won’t take a step forward, at least don’t take a leap backward.

Ryan McGoldrick



There is reason to fear four more years of Trump

“We should be frightened,” as Marc Johnson said, referring to Trump (Lewiston Tribune Feb. 28), and quoting William McRaven, “… there is nothing to stop the triumph of evil.” Trump is a very dangerous man. “Vindicated” from Mueller’s probe and the impeachment investigation, there is no one to stop him from doing anything to win reelection. He has the power and money to win again, even if polls suggest otherwise. Who will stand up to him?

I fear four more years of Republican fealty to the president, eviscerating justice, shredding our international alliances and gutting the environment. Four more years of his infantile, vindictive, unscrupulous and incompetent leadership. He is a disgrace to our country and all that we stand for.

The polls were wrong about the 2016 election, and I fear they’ll be wrong again. So, get out there and vote no matter what. Let’s vote for integrity, honesty and decency.

E. Patrick Fuerst



Poor print job and the poor response are not acceptable

I am unhappy with your printing and communication. The weather inset on the last page of your front section on Monday was difficult to read due to the spacing of the letters in words. Cloudy was C budy. The printed names of cities, including Pullman, were merged to Pulman, Pcatelb, Tw n Fals, etc.

When I called the number you print as your number, the receptionist transferred me to circulation; and circulation transferred me to the Lewiston paper, and no one could even acknowledge the poor printing or the source of the problem — and I was left with the strong impression that the problem was mine.

Guys, you are worried about the costs of printing the newspaper, cutting everything you can think of, and telling me to feel free to criticize journalists on the editorial page. Who considers that proofing and printing might be priorities?

Your weather section would not have been acceptable for the junior high English class I used to teach. Your ability to process a simple complaint would not be acceptable in a well-run business.

Help! I love my local paper. How about printing a readable 5-Day Forecast?

Jan Sajwaj-Jerusalem



From a veteran: We must defeat Trump

Like Richard Shafer (Letter to the Editor, Feb. 24), I also took the oath of enlistment in 1969 and my oath is also a lifetime commitment as I believe it is for most veterans. I believe we owe it to all who have served honorably and especially to the over 58,000 that died in Vietnam while bone spur boy was partying.

In my opinion, the three greatest threats to our constitution, nation and world are Trump, Moscow Mitch and Bill Barr. Sadly, in Idaho, they are supported by Risch Van Winkle and Full Of Crapo. Their oaths of office and their oaths to do impartial justice during the impeachment meant nothing. They have proven themselves to be spineless, malfeasant lackeys.

In the era of Trump, the GOP is dead. It has morphed into the KAP (kiss a-- party) with everyone vying for a spot on the Trump rump.

It is imperative that we defeat the would be maniacal monarch in November.

Mike Dambra


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