As above, so below

In high school my friend, Iris, related to me a dream. She was in her spaceship just about to exit the confines of our radiation belt but was confronted by a ship telling her that, “Earth is under quarantine!”

So now I wonder, “why might we on earth be under quarantine?” Could it be all the pollution? Our silty mostly dead phosphorus and other chemical ladened rivers? Our climate managed air making our soils heavy with metals?

Might it have to do with us threatening or throwing bombs at one another? Does it break their hearts to see this? How much sadness do they experience as they view us trafficking and murdering one another?

I have become suspicious that we orbit a dark star brushing us through the galactic plane every half great year. If they see a comet or asteroid in our path will they want to redirect?

Over 30 traditions speak the same numeric language pointing to this very time. Apparently we are scheduled for a time when, “the elements melt with fervent heat.” Many are talking about a micronova.

Much of the information said to be “from above” begs us to forgive ourselves and one another. Perhaps if we are successful in doing so we will meet new friends.

As below, so below.

Tod Merley


Politicizing the pandemic

Every evening, I watch the PBS NewsHour and try to make sense of what Trump has said, done, or left undone in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Tonight was no exception.

According to PBS newscaster Judy Woodruff, “the White House” has blocked the printing of federal guidelines specifically designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) to help states reopen safely. In quashing CDC’s guidelines, the White House has undermined the agency’s public health mandate to assist states in time of need, whether they be “red” or “blue.”

Many states, “red” and “blue” alike, suffer from systemic racism, with a high percentage of people of color living in poverty, without access to regular health care. As a result, demographic studies show that people of color are contracting COVID-19 at higher percentage rates, and experiencing higher mortality rates.

In this reality, governors are openly pleading for federal assistance to provide adequate testing and tracing that will inform states’ efforts to reopen.Trump’s response? He will “help” blue states if their governors treat him well, a blatant politicizing of the pandemic.

While our country unravels, Trump withholds from states the federal guidance they desperately need. While infections continue, Trump is eager for states to reopen, yet insists that they reopen on their own terms. While people continue to die from COVID-19, Trump refuses to fully implement the Defense Production Act, which would mobilize industry to manufacture and distribute personal protective equipment.

What is the reason for Trump’s consistently incompetent response when there are clear steps he could and should take? It may be that Trump, himself, does not know the answer to this question, which left unspoken, hangs heavy in the room.

Lisa Kliger


People will die either way

If we open our economy up now some people are going to get sick and some of them will die. If we open up in six months or a year some people are going to get sick and some of them will die. Let’s do it now and help save what is left of our businesses.

Every day we delay further adds to the destruction of our way of life. As long as hospitals are not overloaded we need to get things moving again and save our country.

Lucky Brandt


Information about primary

If you have yet to make candidate choices for the May 19 primary election, we may have something that will help you through the process.

The League of Women Voters of Idaho has published VOTE411, its online voter guide. The guide, found at, features all contested Idaho races for Congress and races for the Idaho Senate and House.

All candidates with contested races were invited to participate and answer numerous questions of interest to constituents. Many accepted the invitation. The unedited answers can be found on VOTE411 along with candidate and voter information.

This election cycle is especially critical for voters to have easily available candidate information to help make ballot choices. With the coronavirus quarantine, the typical candidate activities such as door-to-door canvasing, rallies, meet-and-greets, and debates are not allowed making VOTE411 a vital link in voter education.

We hope you find VOTE411 a handy source of information and an easy one to navigate.

For the November general election, all candidates will be invited to participate.

If you have not requested your ballot, call your county clerk or visit by May 19. Ballots must be received by the county clerk by June 2 to be counted.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan grassroots organization.

Susan Ripley

President, League of

Women Voters of Idaho


No laughter, no love

Kudos and thanks to Hemlata Vasavada for capturing ups and downs of the moment! Her May 11 column intersperses delightful tongue-in-cheek humor with serious observations. As she reflects on the “selfless work” by unnumbered selfless people serving others, she also skewers the partisan chaos inflaming our nation.

Her column demonstrates a mantra of show business: “Always leave ‘em laughing.” I would offer another: “Where there is no laughter, there is no love.”

Pete Haug


Stimulus money

To President Trump and the IRS, I just received notice I will have $1,200 credited to my bank account. Where did this money come from? Did we borrow it? From whom? How much interest will we have to pay? Over how long a period? What happened to the billions of dollars we hear about our national debt?

I see in the president’s signature no sign of generosity, so who will really profit? Is it a bribe for our vote in November? Has the administration of this country gone mad? What business which has closed will $1,200 possibly help? To many of us this gift is not necessary. It seems to me that you people are trying to make yourselves look like Santa Claus who expects to receive some milk and cookies at the voting polls. Shame on you!

Nancy C. Parry


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