‘Slimy’ could use defining

In a May 15 letter to the editor, Gabriel Rench states, “One of the reasons I am running for county commissioner is because slimy politics of the past needs to go, and a concern for truth needs to be established.”

Since Mr. Rench is running for county commissioner, I can only assume his remark is directed toward the current county commissioners.

My questions to Mr.. Rench are, what current county commissioner(s) has acted in a slimy manner and what has been the result(s) of her or his actions? What untruths have been stated by any or all of the county commissioners and what has been the result of those untruths?

Mr. Rench, please be very specific with facts to back up your answers. We the residents of Latah County need to know the truth so we can make an informed decision when we vote in November.

Kathy Weber


Voting for Mitchell

The Primary election is fast approaching and I am writing in support of Republican candidate Brandon Mitchell for the District 5A seat in the Idaho House of Representatives. I know few people who work as hard or serve others as selflessly as Brandon and his wife, Marcie.

They are small-business owners who care deeply for their employees and others in the community. If there is a fundraiser for a good cause, they support it generously. Someone who is sick? They arrive with a meal, kind words, and sometimes a ride to the hospital. If they learn of children in need of a safe place to stay, they provide it, and did so for years as foster parents.

Public service is just that, serving the public through civic-minded engagement with respect for the law and concern for others. It is a privilege and a responsibility. Many of our choices have been limited by circumstances over the past few months, but we have a choice in who we elect to represent District 5. Our district needs representatives who conduct their lives with compassion, integrity, good judgment, respect for the law, and a proven record of managing many responsibilities with dignity and competence. Anyone who values these qualities should vote Brandon Mitchell for Seat 5A.

Jennifer Seegmiller


Integrity under pressure

Brandon Mitchell is a concerned citizen with a passion for common sense politics.

Working closely with him over years, I have witnessed his principled based living, compassion for the individual, and integrity under pressure.

He is a self-built successful small-business owner with understanding of what it means to succeed. Bringing his skills to the legislature will be a benefit for all in Idaho. Submit your ballot with Brandon Mitchell for District 5.

Dustin Worth


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