Let’s try the Pac-3

As the continued anxiety grows concerning the return of college sports, I believe that I have formulated a viable and equitable plan for NCAA football to continue this fall.

First, we must deal with the Pacific Athletic Conference. Now, for those of us who live in the agricultural meccas of the Yakima Valley, the Columbia Basin, and the rolling hills of the Palouse, we absolutely understand that agriculture is an “essential business.” Utilizing that line of thought, only land-grant institutions, which were created by the Morrill Act and signed by President Lincoln (a Republican) in 1862, should be allowed to compete.

A conference of Oregon State, University of Arizona, and Washington State University would reign supreme. OK, UC Berkeley was originally founded for the same purpose, but “farmed out” their agricultural programs to other campuses. (Elitist snobs!)

A homestead and homestead schedule would fit the time requirements, and social distancing of farm equipment as well as animals would be strictly enforced. Finally, an opportunity for my alma mater to win a division championship. Go Cougs! What you say? Ohio State, Clemson and University of Florida also fit that requirement. Dang it! So much for the national championship.

Ron Livingston


83,000 reasons and counting

While I can’t say I’m flabbergasted by the fact that there has been only one response to the question “why would you not wear a mask in an enclosed public space?”, I am a bit surprised that amongst his other nonsense the responder asks “why should I?”

I can give you 83,000 reasons and counting, sir. The chances of dying from this disease were small for each and every one of them. Now they’re nonexistent.

Curt Parsons


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