Headlines tell a story

Did other Daily News readers notice the stark contrast between the top and bottom front page stories for Friday? On top we have Idaho Gov. Brad Little cheerleading for his own success at controlling the virus, with a headline quoting him as telling us to “go get a haircut.” The bottom story (I think they should have been inverted) is Dr. Rick Bright telling Congress that our window of opportunity for controlling the virus is closing.

He further testified that we may be heading for the darkest winter in modern history if America fails to implement a tough and comprehensive battle plan for the virus. Gov. Little has a bachelor of science degree in agribusiness from the University of Idaho, while Bright has a PhD in immunology from Emory University. The smart bet is on America’s top immunologists and not on those who know nothing about pandemics and plagues.

Richard Shafer


This is winning?

Has anyone received more than $15/mo. from the tax “reform” bill? You know, the measure in which our president gave himself, big banks, the scam known as Wall Street, corporations, hedge-fund managers, speculators and elites everywhere a 42-percent tax cut amounting to many, many billions in lost revenues.

How is Congress paying for this? Of course, through Medicaid and Social Security cuts. In other words, we senior citizens and poor people, once again, are financing the elite’s largess.

I received a recent voicemail from a gentleman who asked me to please stop criticizing “our good President.” At the time, I didn’t think much of it. Days later, I’ve been unable to not think about it. Mainly, because the message was through another phone. Was he goaded into this by a gun toting relative who doesn’t agree? Should I be worried?

I cannot stomach Donald, but I tried to give him some credit for saying he was going to protect Social Security and Medicaid during the campaign. He failed miserably

Amid the chaos he’s created and his total disregard for everyone but the man in the mirror and TV ratings, are the duped who believe, virtually, anything Trump says.

But the kindly man’s support of Trump is confusing. How can the gentleman call Trump “good,” when his Social Security Is paying for Trump’s tax cuts?

How can anyone say Trump is good when he’s forcing the country to open as death and infection rates continue rising? His words display unheard of levels of incompetence. To which doctor, researcher, scientist, professor, academic and General Trump says, “I’m too brilliant for silly doctors. We must reopen at the expense of our children. And, by the way, I’m so awesome.”

Yes, by reopening too quickly, he’s tossing everyone, including our kids, into the deep end of COVID-19. Whoever floats wins life. Trumpeter pawns, this is winning?

Jim Roach


Return wild to the rivers

Have you ever eaten farmed fish? Did you find it tasty? Good for you. Likely, future generations will not know what a wild salmon or steelhead taste like. Major rivers in Idaho and Washington are primarily made to work for commerce and hydropower. The rivers are warming, salmon need cold water, and the fish are destroyed passing the many dams between the sea and the spawning creeks.

I’m retired, 40 years in Washington and now living in Moscow, and I’ve had lots of years watching the numbers of returning salmon dwindle even as the scientists describe the problems and solutions. My grandkids may never know there was a wild salmon season. The solution is: Return the wild to some of our rivers.

But it’s not all about me. Outfitters, guides, anglers and local businesses and communities along our rivers are hurting because returns of salmon and steelhead are so low. Idaho utilities, irrigators and farmers also pay a price. Cold, wild rivers are better for all of us.

Because the rivers pass through state borders, I urge Gov. Little to reach out to Washington and Oregon and find solutions that will return our wild rivers for generations to come. Alone I can do nothing, so I’m joining others to protect Wild Idaho: http://www.idahoconservation.org

Zena Hartung


More on the ‘broad brush”

Scotty Anderson (His View, May 16), sometimes you need a “broad brush,” background, and context to understand events. If you are going to tell of Dylann Roof, you should tell the whole story.

I was living in South Carolina at the time. In April 2015, Walter Scott, who was black, was shot in the back In North Charleston while fleeing a white police officer during a traffic stop for a broken brake light.

The officer also tried to frame the victim by discarding what appears to be a Taser near him. Fortunately someone videoed what happened, and ultimately the officer was brought to justice.

Grand jury indictments in that case were just coming down in June 2015 when Dylann Roof acted … in Charleston. Everyone was on the lookout for his car, and there was a collective sigh of relief when he was located and arrested near Charlotte.

Perhaps with that background you can understand the outrage when a black man stopped for a broken brake light was shot in the back and killed, and a white man who committed mass murder was fed.

In short, suspect Dylann Roof was treated properly, Walter Scott was not.

Bottom line: Walter Scott and nine congregants of the Emanuel AME church are dead. Their killers are both in jail convicted of murder, as they should be. It’s sad all around.

Karen Den Braven


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