Vote them out

This time, enough is enough.

Congressional GOP members endangered at the U.S. Capitol by the insurrectionist MAGA mob Jan. 6 so fear the still-insidious Trump that, for him, they are willing to break their oath “to protect and defend” the Constitution and unwilling to acknowledge the narrowly averted constitutional crisis. Instead, they block House efforts to investigate the violence and censure any courageous, vocal GOP member who dares to oppose them. Through dereliction of duty, they have forfeited the right to represent us. We must vote them out.

Now, a reality-compromised GOP minority has the gall to trivialize the insurrection by stating that what they experienced, while Trump tuned-in on White House TV, was actually just a “peaceful protest” or “tourists” visiting the hallowed halls of the U.S. Capitol. Really?

We know lies when we hear them and truth when we see it. Tourists don’t rage fully armed up the Capitol steps, climb the walls, smash the windows, battle police, steal and destroy government property and enter the legislative chamber to stop certification of a presidential election. Tourists don’t threaten the lives of elected officials, or erect gallows for the vice president.

To legislators who ignore this crisis, we say, never underestimate the will of the American people. We will climb over the walls of your “Big Lie” and we will vote you out, just as we voted out Trump.

To legislators who govern with lies, and support bills suppressing free speech or limiting access to the ballot box, we will vote you out, just as we voted out Trump.

Common decency demands it.

I used to think that I was a moderate liberal, but if common decency is progressive, then count me in, and vote them out.

Lisa Kliger


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