A reflection of the past

I was reading through the commentary written recently by Dennis Prager. Taken in whole, it makes my heart weep when I project where this may take us in due time; what has been created as the United States could be torn down.

I’m telling my age here, as I quietly reflect on two songs of when I was graduating high school. Close your eyes and listen to the words of the song, “One Tin Soldier” (the theme song for “Billy Jack”) and think about the United States of yesterday and today, and the administration in power in Washington, D.C., at this time.

Close your eyes and listen to the song, “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” sung by Johnny Cash.Tell me afterward what you think.

Wayne L. Olson


Concern about variants

I enjoyed today’s column by Dale Courtney (Daily News, April 28) about the coronavirus. I took particular comfort in the disease survival rates of 95 percent for people 70-plus and 99.95 percent for those younger than 70. But survival isn’t the only game in play; the other game is the creation of variants in infected persons.

I hope that Courtney will discuss how the virus needs to hijack human cells to create variants, and how masks reduce the viral load in the (indoor) air, thus reducing the chance that someone might inhale a dose large enough to become infected. I’m interested in his opinion; should we be concerned about variants?

Wiley Hollingsworth


Water and the golf course

To letter writer Zena Hartung of Moscow: Please tell me how Paul Kimmell’s “advocacy for conservation” of our water balances with watering the Pullman golf course with our drinking water?

Our aquifers are not recharging. Why isn’t Moscow questioning Pullman’s use of their drinking water? When golfers get thirsty, will they have water to drink?

Jan Maguire


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