Trump by a landslide

I have never felt more pride to be an American and for my fellow patriots. The people are standing up, protesting and expressing their First Amendment and Second Amendment rights in the face of tyranny.

These recent historical events have reinforced hope that my country is continuing on the right path to what makes us great and unique. That being said, I applaud the state of Idaho, Latah County and the city of Moscow who have come together in a bipartisan way and taken a prudent, common sense approach to protect the public from the coronavirus.

But blue states like Michigan, New York and California are politicizing the pandemic. Several blue state governors and city mayors, for their own twisted agendas, are literally stomping on the rights, forcing unconstitutional demands and creating oppressive unreasonable regulations on their populace. Many of those who are making the rules are themselves ignoring and breaking them. Botox for me but not for thee.

Democrat leaders, media talking heads and Never Trumpers continue their efforts to malign the president with false accusations that President Trump didn’t act soon or fast enough, and didn’t provide enough assistance or supplies in the face of the spreading Chinese virus.

Liberals continue to spread their unbridled hatred of the president, adding to the same three-year-old disproven talking points and mischaracterizations of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, collusion and obstruction. The left keeps blaming the president for his handling of the virus while ignoring or coddling the regime where the virus started, communist China.

The Chinese suppressed, withheld and covered up the coronavirus from the world for weeks, allowing foreign travel and its spread out of Wuhan while restricting travel domestically. There is something that socialist liberals haven’t figured out. The more they attack the president with bitter acrimony and false allegations, the stronger his support base becomes and grows. Trump 2020 by a landslide, snowflakes.

Joe Long


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