Don’t believe everything you read from Mr. Alexander

Kenneth L. Alexander’s letter “Don’t believe everything you read on climate change” ( May 23 ) makes a very serious charge: It suggests climate scientists are not including the data that invalidate their conclusions. This blanket allegation of scientific misconduct is especially serious because it impugns the professional integrity of all climate scientists. So I expected Mr. Alexander’s letter would provide solid evidence for this extreme accusation, however, the truly shocking thing about his letter was that it didn’t.

The letter alleges that climate scientists “conveniently exclude water vapor from greenhouse gas effects …”, before it goes on to expound on the relative greenhouse contributions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor as though this had been deliberately overlooked. However, this allegation is clearly false because it took me less than five minutes to find “Increased CO2 makes more water vapor, a greenhouse gas which amplifies warming” on Skeptical Science (a climate science website), and I found all the letter’s other claims similarly baseless.

I strongly support action on scientific misconduct in the rare cases it does occur and demonstrated this as a whistleblower several years ago after I found some falsified data. The difference is, I took great pains to carefully check all the facts to be absolutely sure before I made any allegation. After I reported the falsified data, an inquiry panel gathered the evidence and an investigation committee concluded that misconduct had indeed occurred, a publication was retracted, and the shamed scientist left campus.

Scientific misconduct is a very serious matter so it is not acceptable that Mr. Alexander’s letter makes such reckless allegations. I think climate scientists deserve a public apology here, but I don’t know Mr. Alexander’s views on decency, civility, honesty, and accountability. Depending on his response I guess we will all find out soon enough.

Simon Smith


Latah taxpayers hoodwinked

A lot of front page attention was given to the recent police department bond measure. Much of that attention was directed to how little the bond measure would cost taxpayers. The calculations were based on assessed valuations of property in Latah county.

Three days after the election, an article buried in the local briefs section of the Daily News stated that the Latah County Assessor’s Office had issued a press release stating that property assessments in Latah county will rise by as much as 36 percent in the coming year.

Excuse me. Why, only three days after the bond measure election (which is based on property tax rates) did Latah County officials choose to issue a statement that property taxes will be increasing by a significant amount?

This information would have been useful to know before the election so us taxpayers could have made a more accurate estimate of the true cost of the bond to us.

The taxpayers of Latah County were hoodwinked by Latah County officials for not disclosing this information earlier and by the Daily News for burying this news in their paper.

Do you think the police department bond measure would have passed had we known that our property taxes would be going up by 36 percent?

Be suspicious when you are presented with the next bond measure ...

Bill Christopher


Hoping Gier will see the light

It saddens me to see Nick Gier and the Daily News stoop so low as to print his insulting drivel as a sponsored “His View” (May 23).

I doubt the Daily News would back a similar view against Islam and I am sure Nick would not pen such a view. Just because Christians will typically not throw stones or worse at those who insult us or our Christianity does not mean we do not find such writing sacrilegious and insulting. We have all know for a long time that Nick does not believe in God. For that he will eventually have to answer for himself. However, if he does not believe in God, why make fun of and insult those who do?

The fact that he chooses to insult only Christians and Christianity seems to say he is far less sure of his stance than his bravado implies. Vice President Mike Pence is an outstanding example of the kind of people who founded the United States.

To choose to insult and make fun of such an excellent example in the way Nick has done is sad and embarrassing. I hope a lot of other Christians will be praying for Nick that he might experience the love of God through the Lord Jesus in the way we have and do.

Larry Kirkland


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