A threat to the nation

As I write this, the election is too close to call. Joe Biden has a lead of several million popular votes, and a lead in electoral votes. The final votes are still being counted in several swing states. I have no confidence in who will win.

What I want to ask Republican voters to consider are the president’s statements since election night. He has claimed victory, demanded that vote counting be stopped, and made a whole range of statements claiming that many votes are illegal, and that the election is being stolen.

President Trump’s statements have no basis in fact and are not supported by any evidence, yet they are inflammatory. His statements undermine confidence in our whole system of governance because, sadly, many people will not seek out the facts and will believe him. No other president in our history has responded to potential defeat in such a harmful way.

Why does Trump put the nation at risk in this way? My conclusion is that he has no capacity to care about anything but himself. In his mind, he is the country. If he is threatened, the country is threatened. He has demonstrated clearly that he suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. All that matters is his own aggrandizement. It also appears that the stress of potential failure is bringing on paranoia. Despite being the head of government, he sees conspiracies in which even the governments of Republican states defraud him of his victory.

I used to think that Trump was just playing to his base. That he knew better, but said things to energize his followers. I now ask that we all, Republican and Democrat, really look at his words and the delusional reality they represent. Consider how his words are a threat to our Republic.

Robert Johnson


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