Appreciate Ryan Urie’s letter

Thank you, Ryan Urie, for your thoughtful and helpful letter to the editor on Thursday, Nov. 5. You put words to my feelings and you provide useful guidance during these tumultuous times (and in other times, too).

Jeff Gramlich


New Thought Wisdom

Do you know what New Thought-Ancient Wisdom is? Although this is a worldwide teaching, it doesn’t get much press. During the next several months, I will show you how I live, and you can, too, under the consciousness of New Thought Wisdom.

Some, including me, recognize a world that is both visible and invisible. You can see the world around you, manipulate it and even fashion things the way you want. You can see the sky, mist, clouds and smoke. That’s one world. What other reality is there that is really present, yet unseen? This is the other world, where thoughts, awareness and intuition lie. Actually, seen and unseen is a continuum or scale of degree for each person. It’s a matter of the rate of vibration. What does this have to do with New Thought and you?

It requires training to live in New Thought Wisdom. If you choose to enter this world of Spirit, where thoughts, awareness and intuition lie. It’s also the Divine essence, which is also everywhere present now. If you’d like to experience God, you can, in the state of awareness that has no thought. Can you do that? Find a sight or sound you can focus on. Look and observe its qualities. Now feel it in your body-become that object or sound or sense. Check that you do not think about it, but feel it inside. That’s it! You are in the awareness world.

This is really so simple — you’ve already had moments of being present without thought. Remember the last time you were so involved in something that you lost track of time?

Now train yourself to live in both the unseen and seen reality at the same time. Then watch your life begin slowly to assist your abundant living. We are participating in our own evolution, realized by the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) founded by Edgar Mitchell, after his second Apollo mission. Noetic is the Greek word for consciousness.

This training is part of our evolution; only humanity can make peace on earth happen.

And so it is.

Eleanor Richard


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