Thank you Co-op

There is more than one part to the story of this local growers’ successful 2020 produce distribution. In conjunction with my recent letter to the editor acknowledging the City of Moscow, the Moscow Food Co-op plays an integral role, too (and has for many years now). In March, while the pandemic lent uncertainty, we at Living Soil made the decision to continue the usual sowing/planting/cultivating routines. In April, amidst a climate of mounting uncertainty, we encountered the produce manager and young family on the Latah County Trail. From a six foot distance, we were assured that the Co-op would continue purchasing locally grown foods. Those few words relayed a sense of confidence and encouragement. In hindsight, the garden produced more abundantly than every year before. Graciously loyal and even newfound consumers were identified. Unlike other years at the market where food is harvested not knowing its final destination, it was only necessary to harvest when there was a request for a particular item. In short, it appears that food arrived even fresher than other years.

Beyond the produce manager, there is a supportive network within the Co-op, in turn supported by strong community effort. Sincere gratitude to every contribution (City of Moscow, Co-op, and Community) that builds amongst us strong, healthy cohesiveness.

Betta Bunzel


Gender neutral bathrooms

I would like to write a rebuttal for the bathrooms article in the Tuesday, Nov. 3 paper. I do not see the necessity in transforming bathrooms to gender neutral. Male or female is fine. Whether a person is of a certain gender by choice or nature, all of us are a specific gender not a neutral one. The restrooms are designed to be most adequate for either the biological female or a male. In the times when it is necessary for a male and female to accompany the opposite sex, stores have installed restrooms for this purpose. It’s time to just take yourself as you are and stop fussing about details already solved.

Dyann Nelson


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