A fan of the Packers

Is this what we hear the CDC saying presently, that 98.9 percent of COVID-19 infections are a new and dangerous variant strain, and cannot be treated very effectively by vaccines presently on the market? (Naaww! Surely, my ears are deceiving me.) But that’s what I think we’re hearing. Wuhan’s relatively halcyon days are over. The stuff has morphed. We’ve got the monstrous delta variant to deal with now.

What is beyond dispute is the fact that thousands of fully vaccinated folks do get COVID-19 and do spread it to others. I thought that a true “vaccine” was defined as something that protects the individual from a given disease or virus, and prevents the transmission of it to others. Apparently, not so.

So what is this (criminal?) pharmaceutical cabal trying to do to us? It looks to me, at best, that their product is little more than a “symptom suppressor,” a very expensive kind of “Tylenol,” you might say, which needs to be supplemented every 12 weeks with a follow-up whack. At worst, it maims and/or kills its recipients.

Slews of health care professionals and vaccine victims fall all over themselves to go online with up close and personal testimonies to the horrors they’re witnessing and the adverse effects they’re suffering. Famed virus expert, Dr. Peter McCullough, calls these experimental drugs a “product of bioterrorism.” I think he’s right.

So, when our squinty-eyed, flatulent doddering president leans forward on the lectern and whispers: “Go get your vaccination”; my advice is to head for the hills!

Virtually speaking, that’s what NFL QB Aaron Rodgers did. For his grave impertinence, Rodgers finds himself “in the crosshairs of the woke mob.” I admire the man. But not to worry. Aaron’s fame and fortune help shield him from vicious media attacks. I’m with the guy. So much so, in fact, that I’m now a Green Bay fan. Go Packers!

Timothy Moore


Editor’s note: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention addresses COVID-19 vaccine safety at this shortened web link: bit.ly/3DSRxpH. Common myths and facts about the vaccine are addressed here: bit.ly/3ASCqKY

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