MHS support appreciated

On behalf of the Moscow High School fall student athletes, coaches, activities department and administration, I want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank the Moscow community. Your continued support during this horrible and uncertain time is appreciated more than I can express.

The support came in so many different ways. Financially, the community gave when giving wasn’t easy. Others were invaluable role models by wearing their masks at our events. I had many opportunities to engage in great conversations with some incredible people during our fall events. It didn’t matter if they believed in the validity of a mask or not, the common response was always, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get these kids the opportunity to compete.”

With your support, the students at Moscow High school were able to prove to our community and themselves that obstacles are opportunities; that opportunities can lead to inspiring learning moments if you have the courage to embrace them; that courage comes from the support of those that believe in you.

So, Moscow, please be proud of yourself. You made a difference in the lives of so many young people these past few months. Your belief in and support of these students has not gone unnoticed. Once again, thank you.

Lance Abendroth

MHS assistant principal,activities director


Two political playlists

The election is over and it was grueling. Joe Biden won, yet President Trump and some followers refuse concession, wildly initiating frivolous lawsuits and insanely screaming in parking lots.

So in that spirit here is a playlist for President Trump and one for President Elect Joe Biden to encourage internal reflection and start the healing.

Trump et al. Playlist: “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life,” “The Fool On The Hill,” “Back In The USSR,” “You’ll Get Used To It,” “When Doves Cry,” “Walk Like A Man,” “Get A Job,” “Been Caught Stealing,” “The Great Pretender,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Don’t Look Back In Anger,” “Dazed And Confused,” “I Can’t Be Satisfied,” “I Fought The Law,” “If I Only Had A Brain,” “I’m Bad,” “Poor Poor Pitiful Me,” “Stormy Weather,” “They’re Coming To Take Me Away,” “Who’s Sorry Now,” “The M*A*S*H” Theme,” “Follow The Leader,” “Georgia On My Mind,” “96 Tears,” “Bad Moon Rising,” and “The Times They Are A Changin’.”

Biden et al. Playlist: “The Times They Are A Changin,” “I Can See Clearly Now,” “Gone At Last,” “The Sound Of Silence,” “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead,” “Here Comes The Sun,” “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

Richard Strongoni


Church doesn’t care about you

Christ Church in Moscow does not care about you. They do not care about the community of Moscow. They coordinated with the armed thugs of Patriot Prayer and the fools of the Idaho Freedom Foundation to close our Saturday Market.

They hold super spreader events, ignoring city regulations. Their members walk around in Moscow refusing to wear masks or distance from people. They do not care if they make your family sick. They do not care if they make doctors and nurses sick. They don’t care if they make your children or their teachers sick. They don’t care if they make people out working to support their families sick.

Remember this when you hear people talk about how Christ Church contributes to the economy. Remember this when they talk about how pro-life they are. Remember this when they talk about how pro-family they are.

Kurt Obermayr

Winslow, Ariz.

The soul of America

We need to find a way to deal with the existential threats to the soul of America: extreme selfishness and cruelty. Looking at our community, known for kindness, I see a daily loss of decency.

When confronted with any opinion based on science, logic or facts, social media trolls immediately insult their fellow citizens. Vulgarity, extremely personal attacks on family members, and racist/sexist attacks are unacceptable … except for 56 percent of the Republican Party that believes in Qanon ( I believed my whole life in Reagan’s vision of America, not Trump’s. I watched my former party veer away from being a shining city to being a dumpster fire. The Republican embrace of needless cruelty was horrific to watch. What happened to keeping the moral high ground?

During the pandemic, I hear anti-maskers talk about their rights, refusing to be tested, going out maskless and calling masks a gateway drug to fascism. This is the ultimate act of selfishness, being willing to infect others and kill the elderly (20 in the past month). Violent protesters attacked a mask-wearing teenage girl, hymn singers may have infected the MPD, unmasked store customers intimidated workers – ignorant, selfish and mean. Ironically, anti-maskers are the first to tell others what to do or wear. Looking at recent posts by Christ Church leadership, women don’t have the right to vote differently than their husbands (Sumpter), decide about their bodies and marry whomever they wish.

I truly regret the direction a portion of American society moved and can only hope and pray that the Republican Party I supported for 30-plus years finds its soul. To those of you who are consumed by hate, put the country before yourself, put the country before your party, and put the soul of America back on high where it can shine to the world.

Reid Atwood


Upset with poll consolidation

An open letter to Latah County Auditor Henrianne Westberg,

I live in Latah County Precinct 22 and have done so for years. I received your letter dated in September stating that we would have our voting location “consolidated or moved.” In other words, our Harvard Hall polling location was closed. This brilliant move was to help alleviate crowding and thus the possibility of contracting COVID-19. (We will not vote by mail so you can keep your mail-in ballots.)

We went to vote Tuesday morning at Princeton. Contrary to CDC guidelines, we were forced to stand in a hall that was filled with people that we’d never had contact with before. Not our local, rather closed community, but dumped in with this group of “possible COVID” strangers. No social distancing, etc. The only reason that I can think of for implementing this dangerous and ridiculous situation is incompetence and stupidity. I was thrown into a situation that I would never have put myself in. Henrianne, you put my life and the life of my husband (70-plus) in jeopardy.

The incompetence and disregard for public safety (my safety) is beyond the pale. I also believe that there is an issue of voter suppression. I call for your immediate resignation and a public acknowledgement of wrong/stupid decisions is in order.

Resign, Ms. Westberg. The election deputies should also resign since they let you get away with this egregious travesty of stupid.

Patsy Warwick


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