The guy named Nero

Like any evangelist, Donald Trump is all about the grift; parting fools from their money by telling them what they want to hear and, for those who balk, shaming and threatening them until they also follow suit and hand over their money and their minds to the cult leader.

Power, money, ego.

The silence and, in most cases, the complicity of the GOP gave Trump the power to undermine every precedent, every ethical norm and the very dignity of the office of president. They stood by while, for jealousy of President Obama, a man who outclassed him, outperformed him and embarrassed him, he childishly worked to dismantle his predecessor’s legacy no matter the cost to the American people.

He has done nothing but harm to our country. Trump has no depth of character, no ideals, no vision; he is his own golden idol and anyone who refuses to worship at his feet is purged.

America has been rocked to the core and damaged, perhaps beyond repair, by a small, petty baby-man desperate to feed his massive ego.

And although Trump has lost his bid for a second term, the Republicans are still cowering in fear of him. And now they are complicit in potential harm to the country by denying the Biden team a proper transition, leaving us vulnerable.

I would say the GOP has traded America for a false idle.

The next election cycle should see them all sent back to civilian life with their traitorous tails between their legs.

Trump’s favorite boast is “No one has done what I have.” Not really true, Donald. There was this guy named Nero.

Holli Cooper


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