Pursuing green energy

Now that the world climate change conference in Glasgow is over with nothing much to show other than some 400 private jets flying there and increasing the world carbon dioxide output in the process, we need to address the critical issues of: 1) How much of current warming is caused by human activity? 2) Is there a buffering effect in the complex earth climate system? 3) What potential technological solutions might we expect in the next 50 years? 4) Could the trillions of dollars in expenditures proposed for carbon dioxide reduction be spend in a more productive manner?

We know that in the past it was warmer than now and that there was more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now. Most of the carbon now sequestered in coal, oil and rock was at one time in the atmosphere. The media make every major weather event appear as an anomaly, when in actuality, very few events are. They hype the minuscule annual rise in ocean levels which has been occurring since the last ice age. The Arctic still has summer ice, the polar bear numbers have increased and none of the drastic predictions of climate change alarmists have yet come true.

China, the No. 1 carbon dioxide producer, and Russia, the No. 5 producer, did not even send reps to Glasgow. Along with India, the No. 3 producer, they continue to increase their carbon dioxide production. Carbon based energy is directly convertible to wealth and power. Solar and wind cannot at this time replace fossil fuels. The U.S. is committing economic suicide by shutting down the use of fossil fuels. Everyone is already paying a huge penalty at the gas pump. The U.S. will become a dependent, second-class country if we continue our current policy in pursuit of green energy.

Larry Kirkland


SEL and the dams

It is interesting to have the paper have articles on the dam breaching issue by the reps from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (May 6). The SEL staff are no more credible than any other business that makes money off the rivers, waterways and salmon.

As an enrolled Nez Perce, I support dam breaching and do not support any business that pushes to continue the violation of our treaty rights by supporting keeping these destructive, over-subsidized Lower Snake River dams in place.

Francis Matthews


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