Covering the bases for our Grand Old Party

The election is over, but the elephant in the White House is demanding a recount and, once again, GOP legislators are rushing to cover all their bases like cats spreading kitty litter. In the rush to cover its bases with a semblance of sanity, the GOP has taken the Democrats’ mantra “count every vote” and changed it into “count every legal vote,” and “discount every illegal vote.”

This raises the specter of “alternative facts,” that mail-in ballots are fair; that mail-in ballots are fraudulent. Voters can fill in the blanks for themselves: If “legal” ballots are red, then “illegal” ballots must be blue.

In all fairness, some GOP leaders (such as former president George W. Bush and Senator Mitt Romney) are not afraid to reject the skewed ideology of our desperate and fearful incumbent.

What boggles the mind is why any reelected-for-six-years-GOP-senator such as Lindsey Graham would still feel the need to support an obviously outvoted Trump. Clearly, the red team is cracking from within. While the blue team celebrates Trump’s defeat, the red team mourns in denial. And while the red team tries to cover all its bases, just like “the mighty Casey,” mighty Donald has “struck out.”

Lisa Kliger


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