Auditor, staff deserve gratitude

As a four-year poll worker, I am writing in response to letter writer Patsy Warwick regarding her election experience.

I do not know the wording of the letter she received informing her that there would not be a polling place in Harvard, but I do know that one of the reasons had to be the worry over finding enough poll workers for this election. Since the majority of poll workers tend to be retired folks who fall in the high-risk category for the virus, it would not surprise me if a large number of the “regulars” decided to pass on working this election. I do know that a great deal of effort went into recruiting first-timers, many of whom came from the University of Idaho.

I would ask Mrs Warwick the following: Did you consider early voting which differs only in location (the courthouse) and using the express voting machine (also available on Nov. 3)? If you were being crowded at the poll, did you ask the people around you to give you your space or express your concern to the marshall of the poll who could have rectified the situation? Did you consider curbside voting so that you would not have needed to even enter the building?

The auditor’s goal is for all eligible voters of Latah County to cast their vote, to maintain the security of that vote, and to rigorously follow the election laws of Idaho. To demand her resignation is absurd. There is no one more conscientious or hardworking than the auditor and her staff in ensuring that Latah County citizens have the opportunity to participate in their democracy. Indeed, rather than condemnation, we owe them a debt of gratitude for their dedication and competence.

Troy Sprenke


A landslide victory

I keep hearing about how close the presidential election was, but I don’t buy it. It’s true that the delayed counting of mostly-Democratic absentee ballots made the whole thing a nail-biter. It’s also true that we did not see the blue tsunami pollsters had led us to expect. However, this election looks a lot closer than it was because of a very uneven playing field.

First, because of the electoral college, Democrats in recent elections have needed about 3 million more votes than Republicans to even make the race competitive. Hillary Clinton received this many more votes and still lost. Biden received nearly 5 million more votes than Trump and it was still a close race.

To get this many more votes, Democrats also had to overcome: the country’s most popular cable news network serving as a full-time propaganda machine for their opposition; a variety of mostly right-wing social media conspiracy theories; massive amounts of misinformation and fear-mongering; a president willing to use federal resources and agencies for his own reelection (attempting to sabotage the Postal Service, for example); and all manner of voter suppression aimed at Black and Latinx communities that tend to vote Democratic (purging of voter rolls, limited polling locations, hours-long waits, voter intimidation, voter ID laws, restrictions on absentee voting, etc.).

Democrats were also hamstrung by the pandemic in a way Republicans were not; while Republicans were able to hold rallies and campaign door-to-door, Democrats’ constituents expected them to adhere to public safety guidelines and basic hygiene.

That this election was close is not a reflection of actual American sentiments. It’s evidence of a heavily biased system working exactly as designed. That Democrats were able to overcome these odds is itself evidence of a landslide victory, no matter how close it seems at first glance.

Ryan Urie


You work for us

With all the B.S. being thrown around by riots and such, I would like to remind everyone I am from the U.K.. Been here more than 50 years, and I am an old fashioned 78-years-young type of guy. I am not ashamed of the beautiful flag of the United States of America. I hate it when I see so called Americans burning it. Can you think of a greater flag to wave?

Today we are entering perilous times and I believe the eyes of the world are on us. I would like to mention that I was born in the U.K. during World War II, but with the help of America they came out of the turmoil and progressed from there. The greatest blessing we have is that we are the greatest nation that history has ever recorded. We have made mistakes as a nation along the way, however there is no need to start burning the flag as the … riots are doing.

If you don’t like something, you work to change things. No people in the world have been given what we Americans have been given. The reason we are a rich nation is we are a free people and we can work and build whatever life we want for ourselves and families. One last thing, and this is for the Marxist Democrats, if you think you hold the key to our futures go ask the 70 million people that voted for President Trump and see what they tell you.

If you, the Democrat party, want respect, first stop thinking that we the people work for you; you work for us. Then learn to keep your word, don’t treat people like they are slaves to you, don’t ignore people, never insult anyone. We send you to Congress to work for us.

Mike Beirens


Election-stealing Democrats?

Republicans routinely accuse Democrats of being disorganized and hapless. The charge is often true. How, then, did Democrats orchestrate a massive, brilliantly executed voter fraud?

If the Democrats stole the presidential election, why didn’t they steal Senate seats, especially in Georgia? Why did they lose seats in the House? Are the numerous Republican secretaries of state across the country, who universally state that the election was fair, also in on the conspiracy? I cannot imagine hypothetical Democrats soliciting elected Republicans to participate in this crime.

President Trump urged his supporters to vote in person. In many states, mail-in votes, predominantly Democratic, were by law counted last. Is it surprising that Trump’s percentage would decrease as those votes were counted? One characteristic of President Trump is his unfailing consistency: he never admits any type of defeat. Is it possible that, anticipating a defeat to Biden, he pushed the mail-in voter fraud conspiracy to legitimize his refusal to accept defeat?

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania tried to pass a law allowing mail-in ballots to be processed prior to the polls closing. Republicans opposed this measure (as Casey Stengel once said, you can look it up). Why would a party oppose such a measure? Could it be Republicans predicted that the later tabulated votes in Biden’s favor would feed the unfounded voter fraud conspiracy theory?

Occam’s Razor is a maxim that says the simplest explanation is most often true. It applies here. The gigantic vote fraud theory would have had to be a brilliant, intricate, flawless, massive crime, and simultaneously idiotic for not stealing the Senate. Simply stated, it is not true.

Tim Gresback


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