Some parting words

Issues with carriers are forcing us to end our subscriptions to both newspapers.

I’m uncertain how many routes are without carriers, only that OURS is. Inconsistencies with the mail means the morning paper sometimes doesn’t arrive in the afternoon mail. Monday holidays are worse — the Sunday Tribune arrives Tuesday afternoon. Yeehaw …

In parting …

Though duped Always Trumpers are pleased there’s one less libtard around, unfortunately, too many believe conspiracy theories including crap that all liberals are Satan worshipping, baby eaters. Or worse, socialists.

Meta (formerly Facebook), web page manager’s flawed algorithms are specifically designed to keep users, especially judicial appointments, angry, divided and ruling unfairly. To wit: the Rittenhouse trial judge, straight from the Trump book of ridiculous, ruled that lawyers cannot use the word “victim” to describe dead victims, saying the word is “inflammatory” to jurors. But, calling the dead “rioters,” “arsonists” and “looters” is permissible. Screw impartiality!

In the Ahmaud Arbery trial, Judge Walmsley says there are “serious problems” with the jury’s racial makeup. In essence he said, “I’m king of this kangaroo court.” Walmsley’s ruling may be interpreted as , “shut up whining liberals, you got your token Black juror.”

Ignorance reigns supreme as Trump acolytes apparently believe JFK, Jr. (Jesus?) will arise from his hidey hole (or grave) to become Trump’s running mate in — note the year — 2020! (With posters!) Awesome ...

Uninformed Trump cultists have proven their cluelessness in supporting all of this, plus belief in “stolen elections, a 4-grand average tax deduction for the middle class, fake news, the global warming hoax” and the laughable “Trump cares about Americans.”

What we’re witnessing are the saplings of fascism — far, far more worrisome than the “socialism” constantly being croaked.

However, unlike fascism, socialism allows religious freedom, addressing our shortcomings and a creative, woke citizenry.

Jim Roach


Headline was inflammatory

Journalists have a responsibility to give readers facts and well researched opinions to help them be better citizens. Unfortunately the headline, “Legislators Stand Up for Religious Freedom” in the article on Page 1 of the Nov. 17 Daily News, fails in that responsibility.

The article otherwise goes on to include quotes with other views and the writer’s own helpful observations. But the headline and first sentence of the article are inflammatory. We are all for religious freedom but what the Idaho Legislature was doing has nothing to do with religious freedom.

The session was about trying to stop federal law requiring vaccinations for employees of large companies. We need more articles like this that include the reporter’s analysis without giving credibility to falsehoods.

Jeff Watt


‘Religious freedom’

“Legislators stand up for religious freedom” declares a headline on the front page of the Nov. 17 Daily News. The article beneath details a spate of anti-masking, anti-vaccination bills passed by Idaho’s legislators.

I can’t stand the irony and hypocrisy of their “stance.”

Have the legislators stood up for the religious rights of its Indigenous peoples to protect their sacred lands?

Will the legislators protect all religious customs? Polygamy? Child sacrifice?

Or are they only interested in protecting those who sacrifice the lives of their neighbors in the name of religious freedom?

Walter Hesford


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