Deception for tax money

As I look around at this political environment, my stomach turns over with the deception and smoke and mirrors used today. One glaring misrepresentation to me is “climate change,” which I can debunk very easily. I’m not saying that “it is not happening,” or “it doesn’t exist.” How about the meanderings of Hurricane Eta? Did you find that very strange? To blame it on “greenhouse gasses” is a bit of a stretch.

Since 2009 I have followed the government HAARP project up in Alaska created by the U.S. military. It has been deemed “a research project” by aiming a high-powered, high-frequency microwaves into the ionosphere to heat up the ionosphere and move or create weather around the world.

Here is where you need to check me out. Look up HAARP, and that should take you to the Alaska site where the U.S. Military has “turned it over” to the University of Alaska “for research.” Really? If it doesn’t work, why do 17 countries throughout the world have similar technology (under different names), the same or more powerful? Look up HAARP China, HAARP Russia, HAARP India, or add your country of interest. Google Maps will give you the location of 17 known sites.

Now comes the kicker. Why is Biden looking at going back into the Paris Accord? Why are the left wing creating “The Green New Deal”? It is all for tax monies, for when taxes flow to DC, someone always gets a cut of the money. Maybe AOC, maybe Biden?

You know they are going to go for taxes, for I am at a loss as to how a farmer can run a 500 horsepower tractor for 15 hours a day, seven days a week on solar. If you can’t do it, you will get taxed.

Wayne L. Olson


Thanks to Kimmell, Kimberling

We want to give public thanks to Paul Kimmell and Jon Kimberling for their continuing efforts to educate our communities regarding water through their Palouse Basin Water Summit. In the West, water has always been a scarce resource to be safeguarded and thankful for. Kimmell and Kimberling's efforts ought to be appreciated whenever we turn on the tap.

Fred and Lynaire Banks


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