We deserve better

Rep. Priscilla Giddings may have been trained by the military to withstand interrogation in the event of capture by the enemy, but she needs to remember she works in the legislature for the people of Idaho now. We are not the enemy. We pay her salary.

Her behavior toward a young intern earlier this year was cruel and unprofessional, and totally uncalled for. If she were a high school student, we would call her behavior bullying. Giddings’ lack of remorse for her actions that caused the young intern embarrassment and endangered her safety, shows her lack of concern for those she is supposed to represent.

The thought that Giddings has aspirations to be lieutenant governor of Idaho is chilling. She certainly has proven that she does not have the best interest of constituents at heart. She should not occupy any public office. We deserve better.

Susan Westervelt


False information

Lyndia Fletcher, you are spreading false information about critical race theory (Letter to the Editor, Nov. 18).

Perhaps you have been deluded by others, but it is particularly distressing that you apparently are being misinformed by wcfamilesforfreedom, which you suggested readers contact for information about critical race theory in Washington schools. Wcfamiliesforfreedom @gmail.com is the email ID that you referenced.

Googling for “Wcfamiliesforfreedom” doesn’t produce any organization of that name with information about critical race theory. The search found only one such organization. Its headquarters are in New York and it is devoted to immigration issues.

So what gives?

Critical race theory is a legal strategy for using the courts to pursue systemic racism in our society.

The anti-CRT movement has fooled you and millions of others into thinking critical race theory is about public classroom instruction. Critical race theory has nothing whatever to do with making students feel guilty. Anti-CRT has everything to do with opposing factual historical instruction regarding racism.

If Wcfamiliesforfreedom is the source of your information, please tell us how readers can access it without winding up on the organization’s mailing list so it can pester us with false information.

Terence L. Day


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