Reason for CRT

Seems like you can spot a right winger by the way they always talk in generalities, never specifics. So in rebuttal to the Nov. 18 letter “Keep CTR out” by Lydia Fletcher, I would offer this.

A specific political example of why we should teach critical race theory is this: We elected our first black president a few years ago but all that did was expose the blatant bigotry and hypocrisy of the extreme right.

A historic example; Fundamentally, all lives matter, however there is about a 300-year period of our country’s history where BLM “black lives matter” didn’t, in fact, matter!

A social economic example; The hostility toward labor unions today is a legacy from slavery. A solid grounding in critical race theory would empower everyone.

A cultural example; Are you going to ban or burn the literature and poetry of people like Toni Morrison or Langston Hughes, who can so eloquently weave the tapestry of the Black experience? This is America, and we are NOT going to be the Germany of the 1930s.

Above are just a very few examples of why we should teach critical race theory in our schools. There’s lots more but I have to keep this letter under 300 words. Lastly I would add this, Ms.Fletcher, if you are so terrified of critical race theory then perhaps you didn’t bring your kids up to be able to call their own shots. (assuming you have kids). Let them study critical race theory so they can make up their own minds if it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Otherwise, your parenting skills may be found wanting.

Brian Leffingwell


Wisconsin’s border

Despite all the false narratives and mischaracterizations presented by several politicians, including president Biden and the mainstream media, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges and justice was truly served. Any honest person who watched the courtroom proceedings would have to agree with the jury’s decision and Rittenhouse’s acquittal. From all the poisonous rhetoric thrown out by the ignorant on the left we finally found a border that Democrats care about, the border of Wisconsin.

Joe Long


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