Worth the cost

Having seen the value of the Life Flight organization first hand at several area accidents I have always purchased their insurance. I never thought I would need it but wanted to support their presence and availability in our area. In July my wife contracted the delta variant of COVID-19 and was transported by Life Flight helicopter from Grangeville to Nampa, which probably saved her life. The cost for that trip was $82,000.

Medicare and our medi-gap insurance paid about $13,000. Life Flight insurance costs about $65 a year per household, not per person. Without that we would have been responsible for over $69,000. The cost of a Life Flight trip is substantial but the cost of their insurance islow. Please check it out. Thanks

Lucky Brandt


A vital job

November is the month of Thanksgiving for Americans. It is a time for recognizing and honoring the people and actions we value. This November we acknowledge the heroes in our own homes who shelter and nurture their own families — they are family caregivers. November is National Family Caregivers Month. They often downplay their own importance; “I’m just caring for Dad,” or “Mom can’t do it alone.” But family caregivers allow us to stay in our own homes, the place we most want to live and remain. Thank you to the family caregivers in Pullman, in Whitman County and in Washington. Take good care of yourselves. You do such a vital job.

Karen Kiessling


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