Let’s get to work

Young men of the Palouse, despite our many differences, there are some timeless values we share. Confidence, leadership, ambition — these traits are wrapped up in our identity for good reason. But our enemies are trying to take advantage of our independent spirit to make America stumble.

The past year has seen dramatic changes in our lives. A pandemic has put us into a purgatory of uncertainty, and rising partisan tensions make even outings to the market a source of potential conflict. If there has ever been a time for leadership, it is now.

Unfortunately, many of us have been duped into believing false narratives peddled by people who are working to make basic steps we take to protect others seem as though they are inhibiting our own freedoms.

Scientists have conducted valid research that shows that if we all wore masks, we can reduce the number of people who die from COVID-19 by the end of 2020 by more than 100,000. We used to emphasize steady, ambitious leadership in times of crisis, and yet now we cannot summon the courage to wear a mask?

We are being manipulated by domestic terror organizations and far-right groups, which are increasingly active in our own county. Some “men” running for local, state and national offices have allied with these groups and seek to divide and conquer. These wolves-in-servant’s clothing may look and talk like us — or even wear a suit, tie and flag lapel — but they are traitors to our causes.

Teddy Roosevelt’s “talk softly but carry a big stick” stands in dark contrast to the pathetic, hateful slogans of today. By resolving to respect others, think for ourselves and value fact-based decision making, we can make America greater than it has ever been. Let’s get to work.

Miles Maxcer


Wearing mask is key

I would like to tell all readers that they should be considerate of others and wear their masks. We know it helps to hold down the spread of viruses, and if you are too inconsiderate to think of others then you should be fined or even put in jail.

Michael deBerardinis


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