In praise of the market

As the Moscow Farmers Market ends, accolades to the administration and staff of the city of Moscow and the market volunteers. Despite the pandemic backdrop, the Main Street market adopted protocols that ensured fresh, seasonal produce and caution in distribution.

The pandemic offered opportunity in a crisis with the creation of a successful, contactless distribution system, endearingly labeled, “Motor-In Moscow Farmers Market.” From this grower’s perspective, there was never a more pertinent time when fresh food could offer its beneficent immune-boosting power.

City staff recognizes the larger perspective, implements appropriate plans, rolls with the punches and serves with what seems limitless energy and intelligence. In terms of the 1,000-plus pounds of food grown from this small operation (Living Soil Microfarms), we are about in the same place with end of season inventory as any of the last 20 years. It has been said many times, yet bears frequent repeating, “sincere gratitude.”

Betta Bunzel


If Trump wins

As a liberal, I’ve recently had to start asking myself: “What will I do if Trump wins?” It’s an onerous thought, but actually answering this question has greatly eased my mind.

First, I’ll recommit myself to the cause of universal human dignity and the struggle for a just society. I’ll leverage my privilege to protect those most vulnerable. I’ll try to remember that suffering is our common lot and every human heart bears wounds.

I’ll strive to live with honesty, decency, kindness and compassion. I will choose cooperation over competition, resist the urge to retaliate and know violence for the nonsolution it always is.

I’ll not surrender to escapism, fantasy or conspiracy. I’ll keep faith that truth will prevail and let facts and logic guide me.

I’ll leave behind social media to once again experience others in their flawed-yet-exquisite wholeness. I’ll stop the name-calling and clever insults, the incessant snark and self-righteousness. I’ll choose to be loving over being right (which never counts for much anyway).

I’ll keep voting and making my voice heard, because even a broken democracy is preferable to the alternative.

What I have, I will share with those who need. I’ll rid my life of needless things and seek solace in simplicity. I will be humble. I will try to learn from my mistakes and make amends for my offenses. I will remember to be grateful.

I’ll stop waiting for politicians to save the world. I’ll look to my neighbors instead. We’ll share our visions of a better life and build it ourselves.

I will not let who or what I hate define me.

What I’ll do if Trump wins this election is the same thing I’ll do if he doesn’t. Because my life is not about him, and it never has been.

Ryan Urie


Support for the Bears

Outside of high school circles, football players and supportive parents, does anyone in Moscow know that the Moscow High School Bears are in the state playoffs? I read the article about their win over Jerome this past Friday night, but looking around the town, you couldn’t tell that the Bears are working towards trying to bring a state title to Moscow.

Growing up, if and when the high school team made it to the state playoffs, it was a big deal in town. The locals would come together to show their support for the team, knowing how much hard work they had put into their season. This should be even more so for the Bears considering all the restrictions and hoops that this high school football team has had to work through and overcome during COVID. Friday, the Bears will be playing Sandpoint, who they lost to earlier in the season, and despite mask mandates and limited social interactions, Moscow needs to show their support for a group of hard-working young men who have the potential to bring a state title to Moscow, a title that Moscow hasn’t seen in almost 30 years. Go Bears!

Jeremy Mutart


Chavez and immigrants

Steve McGehee (His View, Nov. 2) is grievously misinformed when he falsely claims Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers opposed undocumented immigrants. I was Chavez’s longtime spokesman and speechwriter, working closely with him most of the last 24 years of his life. No American labor leader or union championed immigrant rights earlier or more consistently than Chavez. What he and his union opposed was strikebreaking by anyone, no matter where they came from.

Marc Grossman

Sacramento, Calif.

New thought wisdom

Do you know what new thought-ancient wisdom is? Although this is a worldwide teaching, it doesn’t get much press. Basically, with this wisdom one awakens to the fact that there is no God “out there somewhere.” Children throughout the world since the beginning of time have been taught that God was elsewhere and they had to be good or you would be rewarded or punished. Atheists don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in that god, either.

I am one of thousands of people here on earth who has awakened to the divine power each of us has within us. Jesus said it. He called God, “the father within.” As one of thousands of awakened teachers, I am here to introduce you to a shift in consciousness that is happening now.

It’s the current evolution of humanity. Living in new thought wisdom takes a shift in awareness. You’ll be much happier when you train yourself to become inner aware most of the time, most days.

I shall be writing more about this new wisdom, ancient teachings. Briefly, it involves seeing reality as more than just what’s visible. Realizing that your thinking governs your body, living as if everything and everyone are connected. We are taking part in our own evolution. We are in the world but not of it. Effects are not cause and have no power in themselves. Every person is divine, having a human experience.

The present moment is all there is; there is only now; the present moment is the place to be. Inner awareness brings about the consciousness of health, not illness. Stay tuned for more.

Eleanor Richard


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