Change hard, but great things can come from it

Dear parents and staff of The Moscow School District,

My name is Kara Bonine and I am writing this letter from a place of love. I hear much fear in regards to the new Mastery Based Program being incorporated into the school district. I ask that we really look into where this fear is coming from as individuals.

This is a big change and I understand that change can be frightening. However people must go through change to grow. I have faith that our school administrators have our children’s best interest in mind. This is a different way of teaching then most of us were taught, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good thing. In this new program I see our children having more control over their progress. I believe they also will be able to grow at their own pace. I think this will allow them to understand and retain what they are learning at school better.

The focus won’t be so much on getting that “A,” but instead really mastering the concept. I believe this will make them smarter and more authentic individuals. They will still be able to go to college and probably be better prepared. We really need to focus on what is best for our kids’ education, and take the emotional component out of things.

This may mean more work for the teachers and more adjustment, but our kids are worth it. Fear leads nowhere. Let’s embrace the change, and see what great things can come of it. Thanks to all the hard working staff in the Moscow School District. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my ideas.

Kara Bonine


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