Columnist lacks grasp of fairness and justice

In a recent “His View,” Jim Jones further amplifies the left’s lack of justice and fairness. He states that impeachment rules offer President Trump no guarantee of due process under the law.

I, for one, know the American public will never accept any impeachment hearing that denies due process to Trump. The fact that Adam Schiff’s committee held so many hearings behind closed doors only adds credence to the assertion they needed time to come up with some contrived charge by which to impeach Trump. First it was quid pro quo, and when they couldn’t prove that, they now want to charge him with extortion. The Democrats will tell any lie to find a way to convict Trump of anything they think will work.

They have denied the Republicans’ entire list of witnesses they submitted. They are afraid if they allowed the whistleblower to testify, we would learn about Schiff’s contact with the whistleblower prior to the filing of their report. It’s also curious that two days before the whistleblower’s report was filed, the house changed the rules from no hearsay evidence being acceptable to any source being acceptable. Adam Schiff has proven time and again what a habitual liar he is. He will use any means inside or outside the law to impeach the president. Schiff and his office staff should be called by the Senate to testify about prior involvement with the whistleblower.

They are simply perpetrating a coup, to impeach Trump to subvert the will of the American people who chose to elect him. They are afraid if they don’t impeach Trump, they won’t be able to beat him next election. The Democrats have absolutely no accomplishments to stand on. With no help from Democrats, it’s amazing what trump has done in three years. Jim Jones, it’s obvious you don’t understand what fairness and justice means to Americans.

Don Meyer


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