We do not live in the utopia a local columnist suggests

It would be so wonderful if we all lived in Scotty Anderson’s (Daily News, Nov. 2) utopian world. Four centuries of racism and oppression (just to keep it simple) has all been reversed and no longer exists except when instituted through some preference system. Those systems, this column, nor my letter would be necessary if his ideal were true. And yet, here we are. Racism, sexism and phobias of all kinds are alive and doing too well. They are endemic to American culture. They infuse into each of our beings. You are either aware of your internal contradictions or live in willful ignorance of our collective history and substance.

Scotty (and not alone) seems to think prejudice has been vanquished from our souls and we need merely leave well enough alone to live out their utopian future of harmony among all. Unfortunately prejudice is not so easily dissipated; just ask the good patrons trying to enjoy a birthday party at Buffalo Wild Wings. Scotty may believe that all selections are now made without bias, but we carry way too much baggage to be so easily unburdened. Are various preference systems ideal? They are certainly easily attacked by the likes of Scotty’s utopianists.

We may well agree in a future where one’s character is their measure. I believe in affirmative ACTION to counter centuries of disadvantage. Will it achieve greater equality quicker? Neither of us can know. I believe in taking positive steps toward a better future. Scotty believes it has all been fixed by the magic wave of a hand. He then uses overwrought, self-righteous expressions and calls me a racist/sexist/phobic. I know that I am and work to overcome the weight of its history everyday. And you? Are you self-aware? You are free to believe what you wish, but spare us your hollow indignation.

Roger Rowley


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