Carbon dividend act is one small step for our country

In a recent letter to the editor, Judy Meuth, co-leader of the Palouse Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, observed that “Republicans and Democrats are coming together on a surprising issue: climate change.” As an example, Meuth discussed how the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA, HR763) would initiate a fee on carbon emissions. She encouraged readers to ask their congressional representatives to support that bill.

Recently, five Columbia University economists published results of their study, specifically on the EICDA, and federal carbon tax policy in general. Findings offer an “up-to-date, independent assessment of the … Act’s impacts on emissions, air pollution, and Americans’ finances,” according to CCL.

These include:

-Substantial emissions reductions, 36 percent to 38 percent by 2030, which actually “exceed the U.S. commitments to the Paris Agreement.”

-Cleaner air, with reduced sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions from the power sector.

-Financial benefits, “substantial revenue” allocated to Americans as a monthly “carbon dividend.”

“A price on carbon is a critical part of low-cost climate change strategy,” according to one author of the study. “Crafting carbon tax legislation requires … a host of difficult choices,” he said. “We hope our studies enable a better understanding of the benefits and tradeoffs of different policy design options.”

Climate change is the major issue of our time, not only on the Palouse, not only in North America, but over the entire planet. It transcends political parties. It ignores national boundaries. It embraces us all – rich, poor, young, old, female, male. In fact, it embraces all life.

HR763 is one small step for a country, but it joins similar small steps being implemented globally, steps that will ultimately benefit all of humankind.

Let’s come together and encourage our legislators to support this legislation.

Pete Haug


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