There was no punchline to my previous letter

Here is my letter responding to the letter from J. Michael Short from Pullman. There is no punchline to my honest opinion

To Mr. Short, I don’t know why you were looking for a punchline in my letter, I was expressing my opinion. And the anagram of my name is not funny. You and your smarty pants friends might sit around anagraming people’s names all day but we have real jobs and work hard at them. Our vote counts just as much as yours.

I am around you everyday. There are many, many Trump supporters around you everyday. If you don’t believe me just watch for the Trump 2020 bumper stickers. For every Trump 2020 bumper sticker you see, there are thousands more Trump supporters. If President Trump came to this area we would fill the Kibbie Dome like no other event in history. It would be amazing.

Maybe you forgot that we voted Donald Trump into office in 2016. We will do it again in 2020. And in 2024, when he will not be able to run again, he will hand pick his successor and will continue to have major influence in the U.S. I could see Jared Kushner as the president of the U.S. President Trump will continue to do great things like improve the economy, eliminate regulations, get rid of the EPA, help big companies make more money and finish the wall all across the Mexico border to keep out drug dealers and criminals.

Vote Donald Trump for 2020.

Vern Telaos, Potlatch

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