School district needs to halt program immediately

After two Board of Trustees meetings for the Moscow School District, we have had no answers.

At the regular board meeting on Wednesday night, the agenda noted they had “no discussion items.” Really? You have nothing to discuss? It seemed as if the thought never crossed their minds to discuss a plan of moving forward.

Moscow, your teachers have been threatened ... if they choose to speak out against Mastery Based Learning. This board is willing to lose teachers, students, and their seats just to save face. They seem more on defense and ready to once again explain why they think MBL is a good thing instead of listening to what we as parents, teachers, community members are saying.

This isn’t a few parents bored so we thought we’d come together and throw a tantrum. These are educated community members that have elected these board members thinking they would do what is best for our children. It’s been clear that they have not and they need to reverse course immediately because that is what their constituents are basically begging of them.

Every single day that this program is being used is another day of educational detriment to our children.

Stop compiling comments, stop with these “listening sessions,” and actually decide. I implore the board to stop this program now. Just for the love of God, stop.

Tiffani Stubblefield


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