Slippery slope: Lack of proper cleanup was not appreciated

Monday night, my wife and I came home and saw a group of young people standing around a car that was parked in front of our home. We asked if there was trouble and if they needed help.

They said that they were going to change the oil in their car. My wife offered as how moving up the driveway a little would be flatter and easier for them. We then went in the house and didn’t think anything of it. I remember doing all sorts of minor automotive maintenance in the parking lot of my dorm in college. Next morning, when I went to work, it was obvious that they had just let the used oil run down the street. My wife spread kitty litter on it and then, with the help of a young friend, swept it up this morning.

There is no telling how much of that oil seeped into the ground through the cracks in the gutter or went down the sewer into the water table. I do remember being poor and changing my own oil. You can buy a foil turkey pan in the grocery stores for less than $2 and there are plastic milk jugs free for the taking in many garbage cans.

You could have easily drained the oil into the turkey pan, folded a spout in one corner, filled the milk jugs (two gallon jugs is more than enough) and dropped them off at the recycling center. The water table is our only source of drinking water in this area and it’s up to all of us to take care of it. This was easily avoidable. In the future, please clean up after yourselves and I will be taking pictures of license plates now, should I ever see such behavior again.

Mark Rounds, Moscow

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