City should provide needed training for its firefighters

I just learned that in spite of the fines which are meant to be instructive of the changes that need to be made, the mayor of Pullman refuses to get the firefighters of Pullman the “swiftwater training” the state insists that they should have had to deal with the known possibilities in the city.

Colfax has shown the resolve to solve their flooding and flash flooding problems. But Pullman, and specifically the mayor along with his ride-along counsel members, refuse to even get the basic training that our firefighters need to keep themselves and so ourselves safe.

Under the current mayor, my gym was flooded by the city’s sewer system, water system and by an unmanaged flash flood. This refusal to deal with real issues before him (and them) shows me what I do believe is the basic reason why that all happened.

Mayor Glen Johnson and Pullman City Council, please provide for our firefighters the training they need to keep themselves and ourselves safe. Please also keep the drains clear and make the Pullman much more flash flood resistant. Thanks!

Tod Merley, Pullman


Middleton football fan: Our team was ‘homered’

I know people don’t like to hear another team complaining about referees regarding high school sports. I know it will sound like it is one team against another. But some things are so obvious it is hard not to speak out.

I really firmly believe the referees should be above reproach. Their integrity should be their guide. Middleton traveled to Moscow to find that not to be the case, I have never seen the phrase “homered” more in play than this game. A player from the Bears grabbed a Middleton player in a very private part, a painful part of his body. The referees ignored this. One of our players tried to say what happened, but they gave him a penalty. Their ignorance really showed when they left a seriously injured player on the field and tried to continue the game. That showed me their incredible bias in the game. Thank you for letting me share my opinion.

Michelle Hall


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