What are their plans for after the election?

I’m one of the 4,600-plus Moscow residents who voted for Laflin, Kelly, and Zabala and so was happy with the outcome of the city council elections. However, in the Daily News’s coverage, I wish your staff had reached out to those not elected, so that their reactions could become a matter of public record.

I would like to see signs of commitment from Urquidez, Behrens, and Mitchell to engage in city affairs beyond holding a seat on the council. I’d also like to see them commit to listening to and representing a broader swath of the community than appeared to be the case during their campaigns.

A recent article by Tracy Simmons in a Spokane newspaper about Doug Wilson’s followers has been attracting attention on social media and deepening the divide within the community.

If “spiritual takeover” was the goal of the three losing candidates, then I’m glad they lost, but as one of my friends put it, it would be good to find a “demilitarized zone.”

Can we hear from Urquidez, Behrens, and Mitchell? Now that the election is over, what will you do?

Gary Williams, Moscow


There are ways to cool the burning rage

Too many Americans, like California wildfires, deep political rage is consuming our republic. Raging politics is the mother of deplorable intolerance. History is besieged with this fatal human flaw.

Paraphrasing Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” “You can have prolonged (political and/or military) wars or a strong nation, but you can not have both.” Numerous historians, religions and behavioral social biologists point their fingers at the crushing fatality of civilizations and rhesus monkeys wiping out of opposing rhesus clans. But wait.

There are lawful actions that would pour water on our firestorm. Constitutionally amend term limits for Congress, federal judges and the Supreme Court. When the Constitution was enacted, the average lifespan was 47. Political careers and judgeships were not that long.

The second lawful action would require no constitutional amendment and would spread political representation which could be enacted by a vote in the House of Representatives. Return House representation to no more than 1/50,000 rather than some 1/600,000. Couple this with no lobbying after their terms. Douse the fires.

There are viable possible American actions that would cool global-worldwide burning rage. Let’s be the model. Pass this message to others.

Gerald Weitz, Viola

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