Let’s not get into the slop with the pigs

While I share the sentiments of Jim Roach (“They have chosen ignorance,” Daily News, Nov. 4), I take issue with the tone of his letter, which was as hateful and divisive as everything coming out of this White House. This is exactly the kind of rage that this administration loves to inflame.

The tenor of Trump’s Twitter screeds, the vitriol and vulgarity that characterize his rallies and the level of dishonesty, corruption and self-interest that we’ve been subjected to for the past three years have done serious damage to our public discourse. The resulting division in our nation is precisely the goal of Vladimir Putin. The bogus election of Trump has given Putin everything he ever wanted.

By stooping to the level of Trump and his enablers, we fan the fires of hate. We become accomplices in the grand schemes of Putin to divide (and conquer?) democracies around the globe.

When you get into the slop with a pig, the only one who enjoys it is the pig.

And let’s not forget Michele Obama’s words of wisdom: “When they go low, we go high.”

Meg Kelley, Pullman


Students have right to vote where they live

Every resident of a community qualified to vote should be allowed to vote should she or he wishes. This includes university students. These are adult citizens who live, work, worship, shop, socialize and recreate here. If they are interested and involved enough to want to vote, by all means they should be allowed to. They have every right to participate in the election of representatives charged with providing those opportunities the community offers. There is no reason to fear them casting ballots.

Gaylen Wood, Moscow


No punchline; the president lacks morals and integrity

Unlike others, I wasn’t looking for a punchline in Vern’s letter (“There was no punchline to my previous letter,” Daily News, Nov. 5). I was feeling sorry for Vern for being so brainwashed as to think Trump is a good person to support. You can have your opinions and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean they are true or represent the facts. If anyone has a smidgen of morals or an ounce of ethics they would not support a person who: makes fun of people with disabilities; commits adultery; harasses people; lies; is racist and encourages racism; bullies others; likes to foment hate; and is selfish/narcissistic.

Shall I go on?

Those are the facts about the president – and he doesn’t care about people like me or Vern, or our country. All those with any semblance of morality, integrity, and those with a conscience should not support such a person.

Darcy Miller, Pullman


Glad to see Moscow rejected religious bigotry

I recall from years ago in response to a question, Christ Church’s Doug Wilson responded that he could not imagine a Muslim ever being on the Moscow City Council.

As a tribute to America’s religious pluralism, however, non-Christians (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc.) are now represented in the entire public sphere, including 26 Muslims just elected to various state and local government positions.

Yet Christ Church’s city council candidate, James Urquidez, wanted the council “Christianized” and Moscow transformed into “a Christian town;” that is “the battle-cry of every religion,” he claimed.

Reflecting his church’s learned ignorance, Mr. Urquidez also expressed another absurdity, “Muslims want everyone to be Muslim.” On the contrary, he should know, conversion-missionaries are hardly ever known in the Islamic world. Islamic pluralism is well known in historic Spain and elsewhere. Even today , from Morocco to Iran to Indonesia, various faiths live in relative harmony, notwithstanding politically-motivated contradictions in recent decades.

On the other hand, Christ Church’s mission reminds one of historic Catholic bulls that called for “universalizing” Christianity and “Christianization” of all Muslims, Jews, and other “pagans,” or else, as “God’s work,” they were to be destroyed or enslaved. Christ Church’s advocacy seems grounded in John Hagee’s Christian Evangelism that awaits armegeddon/rapture and then all non-Christians of the world will either convert or be annihilated. Perhaps the Church seeks a head-start by “Christianizing” Moscow.

It is gratifying to learn, though, that in the recent elections, Moscow has overwhelmingly rejected such bigotry — something also absolutely rejected by the Founding-Fathers. Indeed, religious pluralism is deeply embedded in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

S.M. Ghazanfar, Acworth, Georgia (formerly of Moscow)


Relief fund in Pullman in need of your help

The League of Women Voters has long had a position that supports “measures that provide basic human needs for those unable to provide for themselves”.

In Pullman, we are fortunate that the Poverty Awareness Task Force and Community Action Center manage a Community Relief Fund to provide emergency help for people without sufficient resources. This is an independent, local, unrestricted fund supported by donations that can actually be used, on the spot, for exactly what someone needs urgently, e.g., transportation to a rehab facility, a motel room when the weather is freezing, a meal, a tank of gas or bus ticket for someone stranded in Pullman. The fund does not give cash but helps the person(s) obtain what they need with vouchers or other means.

As winter approaches, the Community Relief Fund needs our help. Whitman County has a poverty rate between 27.5 percent and 33 percent and is seeing increased numbers of homeless individuals and families.

The Pullman League of Women Voters urges you to please help people in dire need by donating to the Community Relief Fund at CAC or online at https://www.cacwhitman.org/donate/.

Remember to indicate your donation is specifically for the Community Relief Fund.

Bobbie Ryder, President, Pullman League of Women Voters

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