Responding to columnist about the ‘click down’

Chuck Pezeshki, in his Nov. 9 column, takes a creative approach to describing folks who voted for a political party other than his own, a hand-wringing blend of pity, scorn and fictional places.

When these folks aren’t busy choosing between leaving “Hazard County” or “dying with dignity,” they’re busy voting other-than-Democrat! I suppose they are like our folks from “our own rural areas” who are busy moving a “click down in economic status” by having “infants” and neglecting to “navigate out of the morass of human suffering,” except for drugs. (Maybe “begging” Mr. Pezeshki and others in “the middle classes and up,” who are going to “fix” things, to “take payments” for said drugs.) I’m using some of the authors words here for illustrative purposes, but try describing a friend as “a click down in economic status” without sounding elitist.

Anyway, I have no idea who was the most appropriate candidate, and there are a lot of problems out there. But when you have the answers, and want to see people do things your way, in Kentucky or anywhere else, you should either, 1) treat them with respect and convince them or, 2) pay them.

Andy Crites



She’s right; rant deserved a reprimand

Thank you, Meg Kelley, for taking my anger, vitriol and divisiveness to task and correctly pointing out how wrong I was in my rant. (Letter to the Editor, Nov. 1).

You caught me dead to rights. In the past, I’ve written about this very thing — people using their anger to criticize and refer to some of our political leaders and their supporters with questionable descriptions, in which I allowed my rage to surface. No matter how badly I believe what has become of our representatives ability to think, reason and be truthful, even in the face of their educations at so many prestigious universities and colleges, I vented in anger.

Ms. Kelley, you are absolutely correct, my diatribe was inexcusable. And, no matter my personal feelings, this does not make it OK, even in the face of the daily anger I see coming from ticked off members in the Party of Anything Jesus Trump Says, who, apparently, are OK with turning our Democracy into a Fascist republic.

It is here, where my words could actually help persuade someone to reconsider their support of this man, I should be concentrating. Not my cheap efforts writing about our senators and representatives prostrating themselves for a president whom I believe to be the world’s most ignorant man. Yes, the world.

My anger makes me no different than they ... , although J.T.’s number one. (I had to get one dig in.)

Thank you for the admonition, I will try harder to vent without offending everyone.

Jim Roach


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