The elephant in the room

According to a recent Fox News Poll, six in 10 voters believe the president did ask foreign leaders to investigate political opponents. This means four in 10 voters believe the president did NOT ask foreign leaders to investigate political opponents.This mirrors the 40 percent of voters who are regarded as Trump’s “base.”

Here’s the conversation Trump had with the president of Ukraine — directly from the rough transcript Trump himself authorized to be released.

President Trump: “I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike (the Clinton email server) ... I guess you have one of your wealthy people ... The server, they say Ukraine has it.

“The other thing, there’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great.”

It’s absolutely clear that Trump is asking a foreign leader to investigate his political opponents — Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. We’re not saying anything about the legality or ethics of this action. We’re simply asking, did he say this?

The elephant in the room that few seem to want to talk about is this, why are 40 percent of voters, Trump’s base, completely unable to accept facts when they appear to be in anyway negative about Trump? If we can’t all agree on the facts then we might as well hand the keys over to Russia, China and Turkey and climb back into our holes. Why are roughly 40 percent of voters not basing their opinions/decisions on facts? It does NOT bode well for a democracy.

Bill Christopher


Finding your power for good

All the powerful things, like honesty, peace, greed, beauty, anger, love and your own power to imagine and create things, are all invisible. Did you ever stop to wonder what invisible power was in and around you right now? It changes, you know, and you are the one who changes it. I am here to help you become conscious of this power and how you use it, I submit that you mostly use it without knowing it.

Some of us are awakening to using the one power for good consciously, and our lives run more smoothly; we don’t get sick or have accidents so much. If you don’t believe me, that’s good. Don’t believe; know for yourself. If you don’t understand this principle, would you like to?

First of all comes faith. Like trusting the universe. Like listening to the still small voice within. I’m not talking about religion or any of those man-made beliefs you may have. Here’s the thing: We are living in an invisible, spiritual environment. Most of us don’t include this in our day-to-day awareness. The only way to know that this is so, is by becoming aware of it, in and out around you, and using it.

Whenever you remember this idea, stop and focus on your breath or anything present with you. As you gradually become aware that you and that which you focus upon have mysteriously allowed your soul to become one with a larger power that sustains, protects and loves you. Check what you are feeling in this state. That is the real you. If you have experienced the power of love, you have experienced God, for God is love. And that is quite a power for good.

Eleanor Richard


We have a presidential problem

Some Americans view our president as a problem. Donald Trump is almighty, get over it. Impeachment hearings, indictments, jailed comrades, extortion, tax fraud, treason and daily misadventure. Yet the Trump juggernaut trundles on.

How he manipulated our Constitution and judiciary to place himself above the law makes him almighty. Detractors should acquiesce and give him everything he wants; the wall, Nobel Prize, parades, bomb hurricanes, mining of the National Parks, Greenland, etc.

Know all his actions are genius and pure. He is infallible and loved by all. He told us he is the chosen one. Believe it. His second term inauguration will be a coronation like the world has never seen. The National Mall will not do. So, standing atop his New York Tower, Trump will be sworn in and pledge to take everything. Give it to him. He might just step off and walk on air to prove he is almighty. Regardless of the outcome, problem solved.

Richard Strongoni


If you need help, you qualify

Readers who may be considering making a Christmas gift or donation for the benefit of local folks in need may wish to consider the local chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. We go into the homes of the poorest of the poor in Latah County and deal with their issues head-on. We have zero administration expense, no staff and no office. Every single dollar we receive goes toward its intended purpose.

Last year our members made approximately 410 home visits to assist over 1,200 people in crisis situations in Latah County. As a nongovernment organization we have no bureaucracy and are able to respond quickly. In many cases we are the last hope for homeless prevention, utilities disconnect, food and clothing. Although we are a faith-based organization, our assistance is completely, totally, unconditionally nondiscriminatory. If you need help, you qualify.

Contributions may be made to St. Vincent de Paul Society, P.O. Box 9888 Moscow, Idaho 83843.

Thank you for your consideration and Merry Christmas.

Gerard Connelly


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