Dealing with stress

The Oct. 1, Inland 360 insert and columnist Steven Smith (Oct. 3) focused on dealing with stress. There were some good suggestions but the best option was not even mentioned — a strong relationship with God through Jesus, God the son who became man and died in our place for sins.

God is sovereign and loves us and knows exactly where we are. He is somehow using trying situations such as COVID-19 for our good. God allowed COVID-19 at this time to get our attention and remind us that we are mortal and have an even greater test ahead. No one is exempt from death. We must all appear before God in judgment but it will be very different depending on our relationship to him.

Those who acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and savior, will be received with joy and blessing. Those who reject him as God will experience hardship far worse than anything on this Earth. For many of us it takes a heavy dose of stress to get our attention and help us recognize our desperate need for a savior for both today and eternity. Billions around the world have found the freedom from stress over the ultimate trial, death, through a wonderful relationship with God through Jesus. By living according to God’s word, the Bible, we experience a supernatural peace as well as generally happier, healthier lives.

The Bible makes very accurate predictions. There are more stressful days to come. The best way to deal with these stresses is to recognize God as the awesome creator of this amazing world and also as God who knows us intimately and wants a personal relationship with each of us. If you do not know him, now is the time to seek after him and experience his peace in the midst of stress.

Larry Kirkland


Stolen yard signs

There sure seems to be a lot of political yard signs being stolen recently. It would be helpful if the Daily News would report which parties signs that the criminals are stealing so we would be better aware of where the hate emanates from.

Joe Long


She did not keep her word

In October 2018, I attended a Moscow rally at Gritman Medical Center with a press conference for Reclaim Idaho, a celebration of the Medicaid expansion initiative, better known to Idahoans as Proposition 2. In attendance were many city and county elected officials, including Republican Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy. At this event, I spoke directly to Rep. Troy and asked her if she would support Proposition 2; she answered, “I will vote the will of the people.”

This effort celebrated an amazing feat for Idahoans falling into the Medicaid Gap: This grassroots movement was the first citizen-driven initiative to be on the ballot (since our 2012 legislature required geographical requirements for petition signatures). That is, to get the referendum on the ballot, we Idahoans had to get signatures from 6 percent of Idaho’s registered voters in 18 districts within 18 months leading up to the election.

A few weeks later, Troy was interviewed for a candidate profile by the Daily News. When asked how she would vote for Prop. 2, Troy is on record, saying she would probably not vote for it, but she will support the initiative if Idaho voters pass it.

“Phew!” I thought. Then, 60.6 percent of voters supported the proposition on Nov. 6.

The following year, the referendum went to the Idaho legislature, where it was modified with requirements for Medicaid recipients to meet more qualifications for eligibility. This was punitive, and Rep. Troy voted to amend Prop. 2, caving in, not voting the will of the people.

The success of Idaho’s people’s campaign should not have been altered by elected politicians, such as Rep. Troy. She gave her word to me — and said the same for this paper’s profile interview.

Cast your vote for Candidate for Idaho House Seat 5B, Renee Love, who will keep her word for Idaho.

Susan Hodgin


Does he represent you?

Gabe Rench and two fellow radio hosts of a live CrossPolitic show invited then Lieutenant Governor Little, Dr. Ahlquist and then Representative Labrador to Moscow for a candidate forum in 2018. The men were running in the Republican primary for governor.

Throughout the 2½ hour program I was in a front row seat. The three hosts drank beer, made jokes and interrupted their guests when they did not like their answers and at times laughed at them.

Rench interrupted Little and was almost yelling at him when Little did not ‘pick’ the correct answer to his question about what Little thought was the most pressing current issue in Idaho.

This continued throughout the evening.

Little was asked the last question and with class and composure he said, and I paraphrase, “since I have not been able to answer many questions without being interrupted, I will thank you for inviting me.” He then set the microphone down.

Rench, in a letter to the editor this spring, said he was running for County Commissioner because of “slimy politics” and “untruthfulness in politics.” When asked for clarification he did not respond.

Currently Gabe Rench has never, as far as I know, corrected comments or reports that he had been arrested for singing a hymn while participating in a mask protest held a few weeks ago. Rench was charged with a mask order violation at Moscow City Hall parking lot after refusing to wear a mask while not social distancing.

Would you want this man representing you in any way?

Kathy Weber


Objective thinkers needed

Ever wonder why Idaho always shows up on those election night maps as reliably red, with no doubt as to outcomes? How can that be, when Idaho’s population is increasingly diverse; when so many people here are hungry, sick, housing-insecure or jobless; when the natural resources that have been Idaho’s bread and butter are under threat; when even conservative voters are disgusted by shenanigans coming from the White House and Congress?

Idaho’s Congressional delegation and District 5 Republican Legislators do a disservice to constituents they purportedly represent. Whatever humanitarian inclinations they may have in their personal lives are abandoned when partisan votes come to the floor. The lives and livelihoods of everyday Idahoans come in second when opportunities arise to demonstrate that they are lock-step Republicans. Why else would members of the U.S. House and Senate reliably give full-throated endorsement of a president who is so self-serving and puts our health, healthcare, jobs, environment and hard-earned international reputation in jeopardy? Such matters ought not be partisan at all. We’re alarmed that some Republicans appear to be running on anti-government platforms. Why would someone run for elected office, just to be obstructionist and create chaos?

We’re voting for candidates who’ll restore civil discourse, genuine debate, fresh ideas, bipartisan problem-solving and science-based urgency to address climate change. We’re voting for candidates who will help restore our Nation’s reputation for compassion, opportunity, fairness, strength, integrity and leadership. We’re voting for candidates who will think objectively, put people ahead of partisanship, work with counterparts on both sides of the aisle, and who consider government the people’s tool to make life better and fairer for everyone.

We’ve already voted for Paulette Jordan (U.S. Senate), Rudy Soto (U.S. House), David Nelson (Idaho Senate), Dulce Kersting-Lark (Idaho House 5A), and Renee Love (Idaho House 5B). Please join us.

Nancy Chaneyand Gary Bryan


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