Why don’t you care?

Gee golly, I’m still baffled by the 40 percent of my neighbors who profess their support for our current president. I really can’t understand how these good folks could believe that a vote for Donald is good for America. Are his values your values?

Just in the past weeks we have seen the following:

Trump’s lax approach to the coronavirus has resulted in dozens of his staff and supporters being infected; but you don’t seem to care.

When asked to condemn white supremacy organizations, he can’t … instead he gives them a new motto; but you don’t care?

Asked repeatedly, he won’t confirm his commitment to a peaceful transfer of power (a fundamental element of our democracy); but you don’t care? Like his boss, when VP Pence was asked the same question, he wouldn’t disavow violence; but you still don’t care.

He continues to undermine our sacred election process by claiming that unless he is elected, the process is corrupt; but you think that’s OK?

Just recently he once again called for “his” attorney general to arrest his political opponents. This is America … not some banana republic … but you don’t care.

Also, he couldn’t condemn a plot to kidnap and execute the governor of Michigan (by members of a group he called “very fine people’’); but this doesn’t seem to concern you.

In a midnight tweet Trump pulls out of the effort to get pandemic relief to millions upon millions of American’s that are financially suffering in this crisis; but you don’t care.

Finally since my last letter, all but two states have seen daily increases in COVID-19 cases with thousands more infected and dying; but you don’t care.

All I can figure is that the values reflected by Donald Trump are your values. That is sad.

Robert Anderson


Voting Tom Lamar

County commissioners are responsible for administering the county government. This seems like a small task, but it is more than meeting and voting. They are responsible for ensuring the health, safety and the well-being of the many different citizens in our county in a fair, impartial and calm manner. Tom Lamar has served as a Latah County commissioner since 2015 and has volunteered since 1982. It is clear Tom is passionate about making our community a better place. We hear time and time again that Tom is measured in his approaches, works faithfully and responsibly across the many different aspects of county government. Don’t we want someone who doesn’t serve any specific group in our community but rather faithfully serves what is in the best interest of us all? Deliberate, calm, engaged and reasonable: these are traits that serve our community well. Vote for Tom Lamar.

Erin Baird


A voice for District 5

Like many of you, I am concerned about the overall health of our state: education, jobs and wages, public lands, healthcare, recovery from the pandemic, mental health support and housing, to name a few.

Over the last years, I have come to know Dulce Kersting-Lark through her philanthropic endeavors. Her commitment to service in her community is remarkable.

Dulce’s philosophy of giving back by using her intelligence and leadership qualities has benefited our community greatly. Being an historian, she will bring a unique skill set to the Idaho legislature for problem solving. I have heard her say more than once that if one wants to solve current challenges, one needs to understand the past and how decisions were made that brought us to the place we are now.

With this perspective, and Dulce’s respect for Idahoans and their personal journeys, she will be value-added to the conversations in Boise. Being a parent and homeowner, she relates personally to the many issues that face young families today. Well-researched and creative, she will bring an eloquent voice to important discussions and policy development that will benefit all Idahoans with stronger more resilient communities.

I am confident that I can count on Dulce Kersting-Lark to represent me and all of District 5 in helping to create an environment where everyone can thrive. Please go to DulceforIdaho.com for more information and then vote for Dulce.

Lynn Weaver


Candidate is a blamer

After reading the article in the Daily News this past weekend, I noticed Mr. Rench is a blamer. I have to say, he should be ready, for what goes around comes around. Each generation blames the generation before for all the faults and ills in the world. Boomers blamed their parents’ generation for the wars, death, violence, greediness, and destruction of the 60s and early 70s. Now they are getting blamed in a similar manner.

The time will come when Mr. Rench’s children and grandchildren will blame his generation for the ills of the world when he is a “senior.” Also blaming others when things didn’t go his way (even though he could have tried to work it out with the League of Women Voters ahead of time) is not productive or responsible.

Our city, county, state, and country is at the point where blaming, pointing fingers, and not being able to work together in a civil manner (no matter which side you are on) has caused more damage than any one political ideology could do.

My prayer for this election is that we elect good, kind, honorable, honest, compassionate, and civil people all up and down the tickets that can work together for the good of everyone no matter which party they belong to.

Please read the information on all the candidates, look for the ones that are unselfish and willing to help our community, state, and country … and vote.

Peggy Quesnell


Doesn’t need national platform

More than six years ago, Tom Stroschein made the very difficult decision to hand the torch of Latah County commissioner to a successor. He wasn’t deliberately looking for someone named “Tom” but was pleased when a conversation over coffee resulted in Tom Lamar telling him he’d think about it.

Taking on the mantle of his predecessor’s hallmark issues, particularly the problems surrounding mental health, was important. In the six years since, the load Tom Lamar has carried for the citizens of Latah County is significantly more impressive than the loads he carts home from Moscow Farmers Market each week on his bicycle. Someone (unknown) once said, “Mental illness is like fighting a war where the enemy’s strategy is to convince you that the war isn’t actually happening.”

Tom Lamar has been a champion in fighting these battles we often ignore, or don’t think about. He doesn’t need a national platform discrediting our community. He doesn’t need a bigger bicycle to carry the load. Tom Lamar needs your vote and Latah County needs Tom Lamar to continue being your Latah County commissioner.

Ruby Stroschein


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