Fanatic in grips of an idea

Times of crisis, like the present, can draw eccentric players into the political realm. On the eve of our Civil War, Calvinist John Brown and his guerrilla band stoked tensions between the North and South and helped precipitate the war. A contemporary of Brown said,”Whatever he thought was for him the absolute truth.” That is the mind of the fanatic in the grips of an idea.

In our current Latah County politics, Gabe Rench, also Calvinist fueled, is running for commissioner. As Gabe’s own words attest (Daily News, Oct. 10) he is disdainful of public authority — from the governor to the mayor — given to disruptive antics, and lies (to Tom Lamar) as easily as our current president. Rench is quoted, “What we have here is a failure of the baby boomer generation to lead well and rightly.” That, I note, is a radical 1960s sentiment and not a conservative one.

Gabe is part of a small cadre of true believers that imitate Doug Wilson in politics. I have known Doug for 40 years, and when we were young, the elders of the Republican Party, men who did real politics, were often less than happy to see him come around. Like Gabe, he was divisive and generally thought to make a viable conservatism less achievable in the city and county. Note this political disagreement “in the public square” does not nullify our unity that is Christ made.

Anyway, take the recommendation of former Republican Commissioner Richard Walser and vote for Tom Lamar.

On the coming election: Let every citizen gird up their “inner constitution of virtue” so that we maintain a good order in this election.

Fred Banks


Wyman, Franz and Wilson

I support candidates of either party if they are doing a good job.

Thus I would like to put in a good word for Kim Wyman for Washington Secretary of State. She has done a good job running our all mail-in ballots and defending it to the national media. Can’t justify kicking someone out of office who is doing a good job.

Similarly, I support wholeheartedly Hilary Franz for Washington Commissioner of Public Lands. She has worked to pre-position firefighting resources prior to the fire season and has a long term plan to make our forest lands more resilient to fires. Her opponent said she had four years to implement changes, but forest management doesn’t happen in the short term. If her opponent thinks that can be done, she is sadly mistaken and unfit for the job. The state owns more than half a million acres of state forest lands. To shift the responsibility for fire prevention to homeowners and private land owners is not practical nor fair to landowners.

In contrast, Cathy McMorris Rodgers has done a terrible job. Cathy gave Trump good grades for his action against COVID-19. Really? Trump keeps on minimizing the coronavirus even though he knows “it’s way more dangerous than the most strenuous flu.” He said again that it’s no worse than a flu.

Cathy denies climate change and agrees with Trump that the worst fire season on record is due to lax forest management. Since more than 50 percent of forest lands in the state is federal, whose lax management is it? In this time of many millions losing their job and with it their health insurance, she supports getting rid of the Affordable Care Act with nothing to replace it. Thus I support Dave Wilson to replace Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.

Charlotte Omoto


Letter writer is right

I am in total agreement with Larry Kirkland (letter, Sept. 26) that the public should know and understand the platforms of president candidates. Larry, you explained what the Democrats believed — “The Green New Deal.” However, there was little mention of Trump’s platform. Let me fill you in.

President Trump has dismantled most of the environmental and climate policies that have been enacted by President Obama, calling them unnecessary and burdensome especially to the fossil fuel industry. The Environmental Protection Agency has been negligent in protecting our air, water and land since Trump became president. Thousands of needless deaths have occurred due to poor air quality. To add insult to injury, he said global warming is a hoax and is not a bit responsible for the West’s fires which are still burning

The Republican administration is planning to allow oil drilling in America’s largest and wildest place — the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. This action would industrialize the habitat of animals such as grizzly bears and caribou, no longer to roam. To many, this would be on a par with destroying the Sistine Chapel or gutting the Lincoln Memorial.

Together with the die-off of mammals, fish, amphibians and reptiles, bird life has also been plundered. Even so, the president has decided to cut back spending on the Migratory Bird Act as present to the petroleum industry.

Adding to the horror studies, Trump is considering opening up the area a few miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to uranium mining which would eventually pollute the Colorado River watershed.

In addition to all of this he argues that COVID-19 shouldn’t be taken very seriously even though more than 216,000 people have died so far from the virus. Do we want to follow this platform where Donald Trump claims he knows best? Experts in the fields of energy, the environment, and medicine strongly disagree with him.

Fred W. Rabe


Do the right thing

Tom Lamar is an excellent representative and steward of our thriving, diverse and colorful Latah County. We are proud and excited to vote for Tom, again, as Latah County commissioner.

Tom was an active part of the Moscow community long before he was an elected official, and he remains active and accessible for the individuals of Latah County.

Our enthusiasm for Tom Lamar only increased after reading the Saturday Daily News article “Incumbent faces outspoken newcomer. ”

In addition to opponent Gabriel Rench’s consequential, goofy, behavior and not engaging in respectful conversation with Lamar, Mr. Rench disparaged both our mayor and our city council.

Apparently, Mr. Rench is unaware that if he becomes Latah County commissioner, he will need to work with these disparaged officials regularly.

Vote for the candidate who is a tireless advocate and demonstrates respect for our county, cities, officials and general population. Vote Lamar.

Earl Aldrichand Katie Heimsch


Signs of hypocrisy

Caroline Nilsson Troy’s traditional call for civility is one of her most apparent signs of hypocrisy. When speaking to her fellow Republicans, she starts to tell lies. No Democratic candidates on the 2020 Latah ballot oppose the funding of roads. The 2020 local Democratic slate is one of the strongest that I have seen. They support funding our highways, our local farmers and our small business owners. In fact, a couple of the candidates are small business owners, and another is related to one.

Troy calls for civility in public, but trash-talks Southern Idaho to the Latah County general public, and then trash-talks Democrats to her party’s local members. It is more civil to attack a voting record than to gossip about them with lies, Rep. Troy.

Ryann Pilgeram


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