Try a little curiosity

Several months ago I was waiting while the checker checked out my groceries. I asked her something to do with current politics and she responded, “Nope. I don’t do politics.” I could see the tense withdrawal in her face. What a shame so many people close up when they think an argument is forthcoming. I was only curious as to her take about the issue. I’ve known many people who refuse to engage in a subject that, too them, is taboo.

Yet I find it rewarding to see what others think about things. First off, it enlightens me. I get to know the person better and we have the possibility of making a connection between two people who see things differently. Most of all, I value allowing people to spew their opinions with anger.

Not accepting their anger, I let them vent all they want. Just imagine how long an angry person has held onto stuff inside of them. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus tells us, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

So I have given someone a chance to listen to what they are saying and maybe understand their anger and get to know it better. Now, I notice that many people have a lot of anger about politics. Some even hate it. Instead of wasting all that negative energy, kept inside, another course of action serves me well. I am interested in what people say, not to argue, but I’m just curious.

When confronted by someone different or that believes differently, why not try a little curiosity instead? After all, “Dr.” Phineous Quimby said from his experience in healing, “Behind every illness is a belief or opinion.”

Eleanor Richard


Tom Handy for commissioner

I am urging you to vote for Tom Handy for Whitman County commissioner, and here’s why. I worked as a citizen for 13 years to develop the now beloved Chipman Trail, and I am in favor of the county building a new trail that will extend our existing trails and entice tourists to our area.

That new trail would be called the Colfax-Albion-Pullman Trail, or CAP Trail. We need commissioners who will lead this effort and who understand the value that capital projects such as bike trails bring to a country like ours. Tom supports the CAP Trail.

Tom understands how issues in Pullman affect the county. He has 16 years of experience working as a broadcast engineer/project manager, so he understands teamwork and budgets within a large organization (Washington State University) as well as in his small business (Paradise Creek Brewery). Tom told me, “farmers are business people … but my business is customer driven, and I believe that county commissioners need to be more customer driven.” He also wants to be sure that the S.E. Washington Economic Development Agency functions efficiently, because it is vital to small businesses.

He is concerned about making an emergency service like Whitcom sustainable and better funded, because it is critical to all of us. His energy, willingness to listen and to act would be a refreshing change to help Whitman County grow and succeed.

Please vote for Tom Handy for commissioner.

Nancy Mack


For planet, future, education

I was disappointed by the reply of candidate Brandon Mitchell to the question about Idaho’s role in addressing climate change asked at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce candidate forum. Mitchell said he’s not a climate denier, but that “climate has always changed; that scientists on one side say it’s not caused by us and science the other side saying it is caused by us and there’s truth on both sides.”

Sorry sir, the time for saying there’s truth on both sides is long past. While you’re trying to decide if human activity is part of the problem, the water is rising, storms are increasing in frequency and strength, fires are raging in forests, fields, grasslands and towns and the resulting smoke clouds the skies and blocks the sun.

We need to be represented by legislators who recognize the seriousness of this calamity and that we are called to action both to mitigate the effects of the crisis and the need to control the human part of the problem. Candidates Dulce Kersting-Lark and Renee Love are committed to maintaining the health of our environment and are on board with taking action while continuing research into how to deal with the dangerous reality that threatens our lives and the future of our planet.

I also note candidate Mitchell says he thinks those who don’t use the public school system shouldn’t have to pay for it, and both he and Nilsson Troy have signed on to the Republican platform of tax credits for religious, homeschool and other nonuse of public schools. This radical action would deplete the resources and stability of Idaho’s already underfunded public schools. For our planet, our future, and the education of our children, please vote for Dulce Kersting-Lark and Renee Love to represent us in the Idaho Legislature.

Joann Muneta


Proctor should remain

What have we become when we are unhappy even after being given the exact thing we have wanted? Why are we so quick to judge and hate even when we preach tolerance and love? When is it time to show your children how to compromise, give and put others in front of yourself?

Right now the community of Deary is in conflict. There is a small group of voters that is calling for a recall of our school district’s board chairman, Aaron Proctor. He has been on the school board for 16 years, has had countless hours of training, and given countless hours of his life and family time to serve our community.

When our district made plans to reopen this fall the board had many meetings to discuss plans and was advised by the health district. The administration sent out a survey to families currently enrolled in the district, and the overwhelming response was that parents wanted their kids back in school, being taught face to face, five days a week. We got what we wanted, our children got to go to school. They are getting to play sports and have extracurricular activities.

Why, you ask, is there a recall then? Masks and personal politics. Our district chose to open five days a week, making masks required when students can’t be socially distanced. In the news story published over the weekend the main leader of the recall, Tanya Whitcomb, states that she doesn’t like the masks but she really just feels “unrepresented.” I pose the questions: What about the others that do feel represented? What about the safety of our staff, teachers and children?

Join me in voting to keep Aaron Proctor as chairman so we can all be represented no matter what party lines you choose.

Brittany Griffin


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