Dealing with stress

Hmm ... the best option for dealing with stress? I do agree one way to deal with it is relying on our faith to help us. Despite this, it has always astounded me that people espousing their religious beliefs seem to know they have all the answers for everyone else.

Does (letter writer) Larry Kirkland realize that billions of people around the world have found their answers to stress that have nothing to do with Jesus as their Lord and savior; it has more to do with their own personal relationship and/or belief or nonbelief in God? I have no doubt that an all-powerful, loving God would be able to reach us wherever we are and that we need no books written by men to guide us in our own daily lives. We are free to learn what we will from all the religious teachings on Earth and follow a path that works for us.

I know plenty of happy people who live productive lives with absolutely no belief in God. Viva the freedom to choose! It seems to me that self-righteous believers in any religion should trust that all is well with the multitude of paths that people create to follow their own personal relationship with God as well as their individual strategy for dealing with stress.

Katherine Keener


We need Halloween

Times are weird, and I think that someone needs to start doing something about it. Kids need normalcy in their lives, especially right now with back-to-school happening. Halloween is a very popular holiday, and among kids, it’s a day worth waiting a year for.

I believe that now, more than ever, the community needs to come forward and spread some Halloween fun, whether it’s through hosting small group gatherings outside or even just setting bowls of treats outside houses for kids to run up and collect. I’m writing in hopes of a better tomorrow. In hopes of pulling the community through this difficult time, and getting through it closer than before.

If you’re reading this, I urge you now. Put out some candy on Halloween night and take your kids around the block for some good old trick-or-treating. Stay safe out there, and don’t get too close to any other trick-or-treating parties. We will make it through. Just don’t lose hope, and keep spreading positivity.

Cordelia Pfund

Eighth-grade student


Mitchell deserves your vote

I am supporting Brandon Mitchell for Idaho House District 5. I have known Brandon for several years and have developed a great level of respect for his ability to lead and serve members of the community. Brandon and I attend the same congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We have a very diverse membership and I have watched Brandon serve their needs regardless of their political leanings. Brandon will make an excellent representative for Idaho House District. I encourage you to vote for Brandon Mitchell.

Robert Schwartz


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