Voting Lamar, Nilsson Troy

We sure get tired of partisan politics. The name-calling and false accusations are becoming the norm. It is frustrating that common-sense thinking and voting for the best candidate, regardless of the political affiliation, no longer applies. Is it possible that members of the opposing party may sometimes have a good idea? As with most elections, my wife and I will be voting for both Republicans and Democrats.

We support Tom Lamar for Latah County Commissioner. Tom has been doing an outstanding job of representing all Latah County. He is fiscally conservative and does not raise taxes needlessly. He spends endless hours on research, listening and promoting issues that will help Latah County.

Another outstanding candidate representing our legislative district is Caroline Nilsson Troy. Caroline has proven herself to be extremely hard working all year long, not just when the legislature is in session. We really appreciate her support of our local farmers, small businesses and the University of Idaho. Caroline serves on many influential committees where her voice and opinions really make a difference.

Please join us in supporting and voting to reelect Tom Lamar and Caroline Nilsson Troy.

Marshall H. andRhonda L. Comstock


Solving real problems

I’ve lived on the Palouse for 26 years and have had the good luck to know Dave Nelson for almost that entire time. He grew up on his parents’ and grandparents’ farm here on the Palouse near Genesee. I’ve seen that Dave is a person who is always looking for practical solutions to real problems.

He listens to people and works to solve important problems in ways that are fair and make sense. There is already proof of that in his work across the aisle in our state Senate on how to actually maintain our roads — and to dedicate funds specifically for bridges in our wider area.

There are common sense routes to protect and fund Medicaid in our state while building better cost control processes — and to make drugs for treatment of opioid overdoses more available. Dave is working on these.

Dave has an unusually balanced perspective that helps him solve hard problems. I believe this is partly because he grew up with practical perspectives that had to accompany any successful farm, and partly due to his knowledge of the business and technical world. He started and ran a highly successful tech firm producing software that increases the energy efficiency of oil refineries.

I hope you’ll help all of Idaho by voting for Dave in the state Senate. He listens, makes sense and can get things done.

Mac Cantrell


How low?

I see by the flier in my mailbox today that Caroline Nilsson Troy, the Republican incumbent in one of Latah and Benewah counties’ seats in the Idaho House of Representatives, and Brandon Mitchell, who is seeking the other seat being vacated by Bill Goesling, are running as a team in the Nov. 3 election. In addition to promising to defend gun rights and oppose abortion, both say they will “support 21st Century education.”

I wonder what kind of education that is. Mitchell, remember, said during his primary campaign for the seat that legislators “spend way too much money on things.” Because the biggest thing they do spend money on is education, do he and Troy propose they can spend less for a “21st Century education”?

Idaho already provides fewer dollars per public school student than any other state in the nation. And its financial support for schools of higher education like the University of Idaho is similarly stingy. The question for Troy and Mitchell is how much lower do they want to go?

Jim Fisher


Impressed with Soto

Rudy Soto is running for Congress in Idaho’s First District. His name isn’t well-known, but neither is the incumbent’s, despite occupying the seat since 2006. We’re unlikely to learn more about current Congressman Fulcher this election cycle because he declined to participate in televised debates, apparently fearing a poor showing, compared to his inspirational opponent.

We met Rudy in a virtual town hall meeting and were impressed. Rudy reflects our nation’s future: young, diverse, compassionate, environmentally-aware, hopeful, committed to serving others and open to dialogue. When so many are out of work, underinsured or with preexisting health conditions, Rudy understands the challenges of having a family member laid off from a factory job, losing health insurance, falling ill with cancer, being denied coverage (deeming it a preexisting condition) and dying.

The incumbent favors free market solutions to healthcare, though it isn’t clear how that could have helped Rudy’s father, or others in similar circumstances. Fulcher claims deregulation and free-market economics are the cure-all for creating high-wage jobs, inexplicably without investing in education, lowering student debt, increasing the minimum wage, or preserving social services like childcare or affordable housing, all of which are a hand up to Americans striving to provide for their families and better their lives.

Rudy supports educational opportunities, job training programs, protecting the environment, growing Idaho’s green economy, caring for veterans and elders, creating affordable housing, supporting agriculture, making healthcare accessible and affordable, investing in rural communities and criminal justice reform. Please join us in electing Rudy Soto.

Nancy Chaneyand Gary Bryan


She didn’t have to stop

We had her sign in our yard, so she knew we planned to vote for her. She could have moved on to an uncommitted voter. But Dulce Kersting-Lark really cares about what voters think, so she rang our doorbell. “What important issue does the Idaho Legislature need to deal with?” We said, “Adequate education funding, health care, public health, tax equity, infrastructure … ” and the list went on. And Dulce listened. She wasn’t just looking for our vote, but truly wanted our input. This is the kind of representative she will be. I was impressed with her months ago when she asked questions at a town hall with state legislators. She had done her homework. I have been impressed with the energy and creativity she brings to the Latah County Historical Society. She has moved Latah County history out into the community. Understanding history is important to making wise decisions for the future.

Some argue that a Democrat doesn’t hold any power in our lopsided state Legislature. But supermajority rule isn’t serving us well. The Republican Party has become more extreme and demands its members vote for its platform. We need more Democrats to balance the legislature and moderate the extremists. Dulce, through her work at the historical hociety, has shown she can work effectively with people of many viewpoints and will be able to reach across the aisle.

Please vote for Dulce Kersting-Lark who will listen and vote for the interests of District 5 in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Diane Prorak


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