‘There’s your white privilege’

In Christine Flowers’s recent column. “Amused by the bubble of ‘white privilege,’ ” she thoroughly denounces the depravity of the wealthy attendees of the Met Gala without once mentioning where all that money goes. It’s used to fund the Metropolitan Museum of Art — to make the very art she notes as being essential accessible to the less-moneyed public.

Of course the outfits are ridiculous, as is much performative wokeness. And the obliviousness and “green privilege” of the elite is real, but it’s something that has been around as long as some people have had more money than others. But you don’t get to accuse them of hypocrisy for caring about the poor when they’re in the act of raising money for charity — and calling for higher taxes on themselves to, you know, help the poor. Also, what have conservatives ever done for the poor other than shame them? A good example of actual hypocrisy is simultaneously denying white privilege while also stating that you don’t care that the free market “crushes brown and Black people under its massive weight.”

You also don’t get to accuse liberals of denying reality when you’re aligned with people who would rather take horse pills than a safe vaccine, who deny climate change even as the landscape is literally burning, who happily believe the 2020 election was stolen without a shred of evidence, who try to overthrow election outcomes they don’t like to “protect democracy,” and who literally deny reality by passing laws to prevent the teaching of any history that might make genocidal colonizers and slavers look bad.

Ms. Flowers: Being able to substitute your really big feelings for facts, compose your arguments out of snarky insults instead of reasons, and still be taken seriously — there’s your white privilege.

Ryan Urie


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