Platforms are important

Party platforms are important. The Daily News and mainstream media have again let us down by not analyzing the two parties’ platforms. The Daily News (Oct. 19) talks about undecided voters but barely touches on the platform. Columnist Lenna Harding (Oct. 16) rails against President Trump while only touching on platform issues which she considers important.

Neither candidate for president is particularly appealing on a personal basis but there are clear differences in the two platforms. God can and does use flawed persons to accomplish his platform. Our job is to vote for the candidates who will most closely pursue God’s platform as outlined in his word.

President Trump has consistently attempted to carry out his platform promises in spite of huge opposition from the Democratic congress. What he has accomplished has been impressive, especially in the face of continual opposition and the complications and uncertainties of the last 10 months.

As a Christian and a citizen desiring to see my grandchildren enjoy the blessings I have enjoyed living in this country, I cannot support the Democratic platform which leaves out God; supports government-paid abortion up to birth; supports the Green New Deal (which has major problems and will be outrageously expensive while not accomplishing its goals); appears to support Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other anarchist groups leading very destructive protests; has generally not supported the police; and is pushing for a socialistic government which will need to be much bigger to give away all the “free” goodies promised.

There are other important differences but the choice each voter makes will speak volumes as to the kind of country they want to see replace the United States we have known. Along with voting I encourage everyone to pray for this important election and healing of the divisions we see in our blessed country.

Larry Kirkland


Lamar is a leader

One trait that I look for in any candidate running for public office is the ability to lead. Tom Lamar exhibits this trait and has earned the votes of Latah County residents. Tom understands the importance of listening to all of his constituents and respecting their points of view. He is an effective and purposeful communicator.

Tom understands the necessity of collaborating with his fellow commissioners and others in the community to solve problems. Tom’s past experience and his record indicate that he is aware that the actions he takes as a county commissioner have consequences and he considers those when making decisions. He takes his fiscal responsibilities seriously, weighing costs versus benefits, and he works to act in the best interest of the people he represents.

Now more than ever, we need thoughtful, caring leaders who will take their commitment to Latah County residents seriously. Learn more at and then vote for Tom Lamar.

Lynn Weaver


Support for Kinzer

I wholeheartedly support Dean Kinzer for reelection to the Whitman County District 2 commissioner position. Dean is a business owner/farmer, has knowledge of the business climate and economy of the county. He is an instrumental board member and chairman of Southeast Washington Economic Development Association.

With Dean’s participation, knowledge of the business community, and effective leadership as county commissioner during this COVID-19 pandemic, SEWEDA has given $1,766,000, in small business emergency grants within Whitman County. Dean interacts and has a good working relationship with the legislature, inter-local governments, governor’s office and knows the issues that affect Whitman County.

Dean has proven accomplishments, such as the Hawkins project and county financial obstacles. His open perspective and hard work to improve Whitman County benefits all. This COVID-19 pandemic is a time we need experienced leadership within the county. Vote Dean Kinzer for continued effective leadership in Whitman County.

Dawn Smith

SEWEDA executive director


He’s earned my vote

It is my pleasure to write a letter of support for David Nelson as candidate for Idaho senator from District 5. I have known David for more than 20 years and have long admired his commitment to the community and to Idaho.

He is an intelligent and hardworking individual who brings a fresh perspective and balanced approach to whatever job he takes on. As a school board member, I believe that education is the best investment we can make and am always thankful for his support. However, his recognition of the importance of infrastructure — both roads and particularly Internet access — is also important to me.

Too many of our students have trouble accessing online materials in order to continue their education. David’s service on the governor’s broadband task force makes him very qualified in this regard and I am confident that he will work with other legislators to see that the task force’s recommendations are implemented next spring. He certainly has earned my vote.

Jim Frenzel


One thing should not change

To say these are turbulent times is a huge understatement. To make the future a better place for us all, some things must change and some should not. One thing that should not change is our representative to the Idaho State House: Caroline Nilsson Troy.

Caroline, in her three terms, has proven to be a capable legislator. She is a member of the powerful Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. She has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business. She is bringing forward legislation on behalf of her constituents.

We are fortunate that a person of Caroline’s caliber is willing to serve. Please join us in voting to return her to office.

Steve and Donna Busch


Everything isn’t politics

This note references Ron McFarland’s Oct. 19 letter about stolen signs.

As part of my work with the Latah Recovery Center, I recently had the pleasure of posting 110 signs saying “Don’t Give Up” around Latah County. Our signs were well received, and in no way political. About one-third of them came up missing when we collected them for reuse.

Perhaps today’s overheated politics aren’t the reason your signs have gone missing?

As our signs said: “Don’t Give Up,” “You Got This,” and, most importantly, “You are worthy of love.”

Darrell Keim


Election letter deadline

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor regarding the Nov. 3 election is Oct. 27. Please deliver your letter in the body of an email to Include your name, city of residence (for publication) and phone number.

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