Shame on WSU

When I heard the news that Washington State University fired head football coach Nick Rolovich, it just reminded me of how the COVID-19 pandemic had reached beyond boundaries. It is a sad day when the rights granted to us as United States citizens are ignored.

I am vaccinated and made that choice. This vaccine is not fully approved. We do not know how it will play out 10 years from now. The individual right to make that choice or to petition for exemption should be honored. The impact upon the young student athletes to lose a large part of their staff at this moment in the season will be huge. And it is a disgrace. Shame on you, WSU.

Christopher Miller


The formula for water

The problems of Nick Rolovich and his resistance to vaccination remind me that chemistry and football require unrelated talents, and chemists have their favorite legends about football players.

In one story, the small college coach was desperate to keep his star player, who just wasn’t making it in chemistry. The chemistry prof, in support of his college, agreed to give the football player a simple exam with just two easy questions. If the player got one right, he would pass.

The first question was, “What color is blue vitriol?” The football player answered “green” and that was wrong. To the second question, “What is the formula for water?” the player answered, “I don’t know,” and that was right, so he passed.

Don Matteson


We can look after ourselves

May I remind Biden and all Congressional representatives that they work for us? Only in a communist country are the people considered to be creators of the state. In America, we are considered to be a free people, our bank accounts and all personnel stuff are not for the eyes of the government. We are a free society within reason.

If Biden wants to look at all our stuff does this mean that he considered all Americans to be criminals? if not then leave us alone. We have done pretty well for the last 200 years. I would also like to mention this point. Do Biden and the CDC consider the vaccine to be 100 percent safe? If so, why does he plan on protecting all government workers who may be injured or medically impaired due to the vaccine.

If this is the case then who will compensate all other Americans/people who have adverse effects from the vaccine. Let’s take a little example. If your husband/wife monitors your bank account or forces you to have medical treatment which you do not want or need or charge you for using the family car, wouldn’t you want to get out of the abusive relationship? If your answer is yes, then why the hell are we allowing our so-called government to do this to us.

One day, they say, you don’t need masks, then the next day you need to wear a mask. For example, you go into a store and you have forgotten your mask. The person at the door offers you a mask and you put it on. You have no idea who packed the box nor have you any idea where the masks have come from. Would you think that’s safe? We are adults if we use common sense we can look after ourselves.

Mike Beirens


Backing Julia Parker

Julia Parker is running for Moscow City Council, and we are fortunate to have a candidate with such broad life experiences. Her professional background is especially relevant. Besides raising four children, she was involved in the area of natural resources sociology and then retrained to work in the medical field.

She is currently a geriatric nurse administrator, which requires skills in working with people and problem solving. She is aware of the realities of the pandemic and how it has affected her elderly patients and families on the Palouse. She has also lived in Moscow for many years and has seen the growth issues this city has faced. Because of her background in natural resources sociology, she can anticipate and understand what Moscow might be facing in the future with climate change, a valuable skill set to have on the council at this critical juncture in time when we will need carefully considered planning and action to meet the challenges ahead.

Please join me in voting for Julia Parker on Nov. 2. Check the Latah County Auditor Elections website for polling locations. Early in person voting is also available at the Latah County Courthouse from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Oct. 29, and mail-in ballots can be requested through today at

Karen Jennings


Choose the vaccine

After nearly losing my wife and our son to COVID-19, I am very pro-vaccine. However, this is the United States. Here we are free to make our own choices whether right or wrong. Until now. the U.S. Constitution apparently no longer applies in Washington state. Government mandates are anti-American and wrong and accepting them sets a very dangerous precedent. Here in Idaho the choice is still yours. Please choose to vaccinate. Your life may depend on it.

Lucky Brandt


Grantham the best candidate

I enthusiastically endorse Tricia Grantham for reelection to Pullman Regional Hospital District’s board of commissioners.Tricia was president of the board when I joined 13 years ago. Her welcoming, informative and compassionate leadership impressed me then and continues today.

Tricia is well informed in her advocacy for healthcare. She is a 43-year resident of Pullman. Tricia has a background as a social worker, 27 years as a program administrator for the Council on Aging and Human Services, 17 years on the Pullman Hospital board of commissioners, as a board president and as a commissioner. She is an active volunteer in hospital outreach and our community at large.

Healthcare is increasingly complex. This community deserves someone with experience and the understanding of all those complexities. I believe Tricia’s expertise and empathy make her the best person for this position.

Sandra O’Keefe


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