Grantham deserves vote

For many years I have served as a commissioner of Pullman Regional Hospital alongside Tricia Grantham. Although we sometimes amicably disagree, I respect her because she always comes to meetings fully prepared, often with insightful questions for administration. For these reasons she deserves your vote in the November election.

Cornelius Michael Murphy


Support for Grantham

I am writing to support the candidacy of Tricia Grantham for her third term as commissioner for Pullman Regional Hospital District 1-A because experience really does matter and Tricia has a wealth of experience, not only on the PRH Board of Commissioners, as board president and as a commissioner, but also as a valued member of the Pullman community. She knows this community and deeply understands our needs. She has spent a lifetime of service to those in need through her experience as a hospital social worker, administrator at the Council on Aging and Human Services, and as a volunteer in several organizations including the League of Women Voters and the Friends of Hospice Board.

Tricia is a good friend and I have always found her to be super dedicated and dependable especially when it comes to her honesty, true desire to have a positive impact and her intelligence and sensitivity when problem solving. Tricia will continue to be an exceptional PRH Hospital Commissioner and is the best candidate for the position. Vote to re-elect Tricia Grantham for hospital commissioner.

Barbara Sanborn


Sobering statistics

Scotty Anderson is correct that only a small percentage of those who get COVID will need hospitalization. The trick is, we don’t know how to predict which people will get that sick. So here’s some statistics for you, Scotty. Of the people sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, 17 percent will die. Of the people sick enough to be admitted to ICU, at least 40 percent will die. And finally, current hospitalizations for COVID-19 are almost 100 percent nonvaccinated.

Helen Wootton


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