Candidates to support

On Nov. 2, we will elect a mayor and three council members for the city of Moscow. If you value knowledge and experience, vote Art Bettge for mayor. Gina Taruscio is the most qualified of council candidates. Vote Gina. I hear good reports of Hailey Lewis who works in government affairs at SEL and has deep family roots in the community.

Bettge, Taruscio and Hailey Lewis — my partial slate.

Fred Banks


Education and disinformation

Scotty Anderson’s His View, “Education, not mandate will change minds on vaccination” may be correct except for two problems.

First, the education playing field is tilted toward disinformation. Moneyball logic applies to social media — Facebook and others make money hosting false and misleading information. They can pretend to promote the truth for the social good but don’t take down information they know is keeping people from using facts to make informed decisions.

Second, even if the information playing field was level it takes time to research and change minds. We have mandates when people don’t make a choice voluntarily in the time we require. If we had realized how difficult it would be to counter disinformation and social inertia we could have used mandates this spring and ended the pandemic this summer.

Jeff Watt


Action on climate change

Last Friday, guitarist James Reid and his colleagues — violinist Giselle Hillyer, tenor Christopher Pfund, and guitarist Daniel Pinilla — gave a delightful concert to benefit the Palouse chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Our deepest thanks to these fine musicians. And it was a real treat to enjoy the music in the newly opened Lecompte Auditorium at Moscow’s 1912 Center: the acoustics in this intimate 100-seat space are perfect for chamber music.

The nonpartisan Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which benefited from the concert, has been working for many years to enact a national policy that will address climate change: a fee on greenhouse gases, with the money returned directly to U.S. households as a dividend. This carbon fee, or “tax,” is now under active consideration as part of the Reconciliation process and deserves the support of our members of Congress. It’s up to us as citizens to let them know that we urgently need action on climate change.

Mary DuPree


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