A vote for all of us

Renee Love has my vote for Idaho House District 5. Each time I see her — usually at her Moscow Farmers’ Market booth, I am impressed with her intelligence and honesty. Talk with her a bit and you too will come to realize she cares deeply for the wellbeing of her fellow citizens.

Renee is a climate scientist and knows remaining proactive in the face of a changing climate is of the utmost importance. All of us are either being impacted by changing climate or know someone that is being impacted — think of all the millions of acres burned, the hundreds of homes lost, the many lives gone, in wildfires just this year.

Renee is committed to being honest and transparent in her work to represent Idaho’s citizens.Please vote for Renee Love — it’s a vote for all of us.

Evelyn Simon


Thoughts on globalism

America as it stands today could not exist in an ‘oligarchy’ without losing its dearly held Bill of Rights. An oligarchy is an “elite” bunch of folks that would be making decisions for the rest of us to follow. If you want to see an oligarchy in action take a trip to Argentina. Rich and poor (and I do mean poor) and no middle class.

World peace was the objective of the League of Nations founded in the 1920s. By the 30s, the world produced a diabolical dictator bent on enslaving the rest of the world and we know how effective the League of Nations was in defusing that one. The League of Nations; The Atlantic Charter; The United Nations.

In his recent opinion piece, Pete Haug listed five achievements the U.N. has celebrated: 1. Saving the pyramids; 2. Eradicating smallpox (a worthy effort, yet nothing in the last 70 years?); 3. Protecting the ozone, an effort led by U.N.; 4. Helping save lives of 90 million children. The U.S. would have done that anyway since the U.S. is the only one that keeps the money flowing at the U.N.; and 5. Promoting arms control of Nuclear weapons.

You ask what large organization hasn’t been beset with corruption and sexual abuse. And you want to add this worldwide whopper into the mix.

R. Madeline McComas


Avoiding the idealogue

I voted. My ballot came early, I marked it and went to the drop box behind the Latah County Courthouse to take a selfie putting it through the slot.

This election cycle presents some stark choices. I voted to return David Nelson to Boise, because we’ve already had a taste of Dan Foreman. Nelson is thoughtful and he listens. Latah County has elected GOP officials who fit that description, who keep the shared interests of the county in mind, but we know Foreman is not one of them. He is an idealogue; there are enough other divisive issues right now, we don’t need more from our elected officials.

Nils Peterson


Nelson is hard-working, real

Please join me in reelecting David Nelson to Idaho Senate District 5. David has shown unwavering support for investing in education, increasing broadband access and expanding Idaho’s economy (while trying to remove us from the dubious distinction of being one of the last five states with the highest percentage of minimum wage workers).

Senator Nelson has worked tirelessly for improved healthcare for all Idahoans by stabilizing the Idaho insurance exchange. He advocates funding Medicaid expansion, which we voted for overwhelmingly in 2018, but has yet to be enacted.

David Nelson is approachable, hard-working and real. We must reelect him to represent all of us and fight for what’s right and best for Idahoans.

Please vote for David Nelson.

Ann B. Hart


Vote for good governance

And here comes November. For me it’s a mixed bag. Republican? Democrat? I don’t care as long as we get good government. For example, Tom Lamar is one of the finest county commissioners we have ever had. He is everywhere, knows everyone and listens.

Pay attention to Dulce Kersting-Lark in the debates. Her leadership as director of the Latah County Historical Society and the Moscow Lions is widely recognized. Young, yes, and she will need all that energy and stamina to push her good ideas in the legislature.

His dad was a great commissioner and Dave Nelson has proven to be a thoughtful, successful and caring state senator. What’s really going on in Boise? Talk to Dave. Like Tom, he’s at every public function.

Probably not cool to call Caroline Nilsson Troy our “old war horse,” but after three terms she carries a lot of weight for our district in the House. Able to work across the aisle, she gets it done. She is our lone voice on JFAC, and our famers need her as vice-chair of Agricultural Affairs.

Make no mistake about it, our district is under siege in Boise. Maybe you like one of Wilson’s widgets or a “don’t piss me off” senate candidate or need the Idaho Freedom Foundation or a party hack to tell you how to vote.

However, if you can think on your own, learn about the candidates. Tom, Dave, Dulce and Caroline are my picks. PEASE vote. Remember the old saying, “if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch” and we all love to do that.

Earl Bennett


Children need proper sex ed

This November, I am voting to approve Referendum 90. This will require school districts across Washington state to teach age-appropriate, medically-accurate and inclusive sex education in K-12.

Growing up in Pullman, my sex education was inadequate. It failed to teach me about healthy relationships, affirmative consent, decision-making or LGBTQ+ inclusive education.

Left with a lack of information, I was forced to educate myself through other means. This included the internet, friends, or unfortunately sometimes through lived experience. All of these sources are often unreliable and inaccurate. As a result, I have been put in a number of unsafe situations that could have been avoided if my peers and I had been given the tools and resources to make informed decisions.

All young people across Washington state deserve to see themselves represented in their sex curriculum and to learn about affirmative consent, personal boundaries and healthy relationships. I urge you to approve R90 this November so young people have the education and information they need to make safe and informed decisions about their bodies and lives.

Gabbi Nazari


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