Were pro-Prop. 1 letters written with talking points in hand?

Pullman Regional Hospital is set up as a small, critical-access, regional, nonprofit hospital. The important word here is regional. It stands to reason that the “region” should vote on Prop. 1, not just voters within the Pullman city limits.

Back on Sept. 11, 2019, the director of Summit Therapy, owned by PRH, had a letter in the Daily News urging a yes vote on Prop. 1. The Daily News mistakenly listed her as a Pullman resident when she lives in Johnson, with a Colton address! In my opinion, she lives in the region and should be required to pay Prop. 1 taxes for the next 20 or 25 years if Prop. 1 passes.

Further, most, if not all, of the positive letters that have appeared in the Daily News supporting Prop. 1 have been connected to the hospital in one way or the other. I know this because I Googled their names. I think it would be hopeful if letter writers supporting Props 1 would identify their profession. It seemed obvious to me that they all wrote with the same talking points in hand.

I am a 50-year resident of Pullman who is retired from WSU as a full professor in animal sciences. And, my advice is to vote Prop. 1 down and send a signal to the hospital to expand the voting area before considering running it again.

Back in the spring, when the referendum was first conducted and failed, Chuck Pezeshki and Scotty Anderson wrote op-eds questioning the need for Prop. 1. I hope they do the same for this upcoming election.

Everett Martin, Pullman


Bonds not rejected; not enough voters went to polls

Just a quick comment for David Olsen. No, the voters did not reject the hospital bond when it first went up for a vote. Two-thirds of those who voted approved it. But the problem was there were not enough voters to meet the minimum turnout.

I believe this was also true with the vote to approve the city hall bond. Two-thirds had voted to approve the bond, but the turn out did not meet the minimum standards for the vote.

Wayne Beebe, Pullman


Parks brings experience to Pullman City Council

Experience matters and Ann Parks brings that to the Pullman City Council. She knows community issues, works head-on to help solve the city’s problems, is completely aware of our housing issues and is willing to work for everyone. Our citizens need Ann Parks to continue her job as city councilperson. Please vote for Ann Parks.

Debra McNeil, Pullman

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